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Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Chat Ifiokobong Ibanga on Twitter here: Follow @IfiokobongR Join me on Facebook Chat!

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  1. wisdom says:

    wow that is great thanks sir
    really love what you are doing MAY GOD BLESS YOU

  2. Olalekan says:

    Pls Sir how do I get paid after publishing the articles

  3. onwuka evarestus says:

    thanks for the vital info. in fact im elevated now. please how do i own my own blogging site

  4. CELESTINE says:


  5. Zed says:

    Nice one sir, keep up the good work. Ja bless!

  6. Daniel says:

    Tnks. But can’t wait for blog

    • Ifiokobong says:

      Sure, I am just revealing many ways you can make money online. You can choose any method that is most appealing to you. Success!

  7. PRAIZ says:


  8. didi says:

    hw cn i start it as i have registered though i dnt ave a bank accnt yet

  9. Prince Andy says:

    Sir i really love this lesson, but dose it mean i have to creat another facebook page to make money from it

  10. Prince Andy says:

    Pls sir, i cant have acess to those pictures you posted in todays lesson. May i no why?

  11. Oluwabusayo Tobiloba says:

    Pls how can I create and customize my blog

  12. Oluwabusayo Tobiloba says:

    How do I insert links on my facebook page and on my Blog?

    • Ifiokobong says:

      Just copy the url of the page/post you want to link and paste it at where you want to promote in Facebook and update. It’s just like updating status.

  13. Tobbie says:

    Looking forward to ur reply.Thanks

  14. FARLART says:

    Thanks sir

  15. Adefila hope says:

    Hw do I receive my payments on d fb page

    • Ifiokobong says:

      You don’t receive payments from your facebook page. Instead you can sell products or services to your facebook page fans. You can also promote affiliate products there if you have many page likes. Read the lesson very well to get the gist.

  16. popladex says:

    Thanks sir….still waiting 4 blog training badly!

  17. felix says:

    i realy enjoy your lessen keep it up GOD bless u sir

  18. stephen bruce says:

    Good day sir, i tink am enjoying this ,but how do i push dem to my blog

    • Ifiokobong says:

      You can push them to your blog by inserting links to your blog when you publish updates on your Facebook page. It’s simple!

  19. Olalekan says:

    Pls sir I need your number so I can add you up on whatsapp. I have few questions to ask you if you don’t mind sir

  20. Chuma Aghanwa says:

    You are on point. Keep it up

  21. Emma says:

    may god bless you sir as you are helping us I think by end of this lesson I will be the next Internet money making machine but sir how do I link my blog into Facebook I mean just one click thanks sir.

  22. Peres says:

    Pls can yu help me to open a blog site sir?

  23. Dubem says:

    After creating the page do I need to tag my friends on the page as an invitation? So that they will know about the page?

    • Ifiokobong says:

      @ Dubem, you don’t need to tag any friend, but you can invite them to “LIKE” your page. What you need to do is update your page with relevant short articles (about 100 words with pictures) on a particular topic. Make sure that the topic have a physical or digital product you can promote or sell to your loyal page readers. You can also drive traffic from the Facebook page to your blog. On your blog, more traffic leads to more income if you have good monetization strategies there. Hope this helps!

  24. PRAIZ says:


    • Ifiokobong says:

      You don’t connect your account to Facebook Page. Take your time to read through the lesson many times to understand how it works.

  25. Ifeoluwa says:

    how do i receive payment i have opened the page

    • Ifiokobong says:

      @ Ifeoluwa, you don’t make money directly on Facebook page, take your time to read the lesson very well and you will understand how it work. Success!

      • ifeoluwa says:

        what goods can i sell directly and how can i promote affiliate goods with jumia and konga

        • Ifiokobong says:

          There are various goods you can sell directly to your customers. The choice of goods to sell depends on availability, desire, delivery, and prices. You can promote konga affiliate goods by pasting the affiliate link on your page.

  26. John Samuel says:

    God bless and strengthen you sir, for your tremendous help in increasing our knowledge on online money making. I’m 4eva grateful.

  27. Ifiokobong says:

    If you don’t have anything to sell, you can promote affiliate products from Konga or Jumia. At the end of the day you will make sales commision from those stores

  28. Oloro Olopade says:

    My brother, pls send d nos u use for ur what’s app. The airtel is not responding for over 12 hrs I am sending messages to it. Thank u. Mine is 08032169267

  29. Saro Raine says:

    Great. Thanks for this educative information

  30. wisdom says:

    Thanks sir. I think I will start thinking big now

  31. Francis says:

    Please sir elucidate more on this; for example if I want to be selling recharge cards on fb page then how do I get paid?

    • Ifiokobong says:

      you will discus payment process with your potential buyers or customers, Facebook is just a platform where you contact them and not a payment platform. Success!

  32. clems says:

    sir i don’t understand opening a facebook page! is it actually opening an account?

  33. Please sir, if I post in my Facebook (group) page, will I still be paid?

    • Ifiokobong says:

      You will not be paid directly from Facebook. You can only sell a product or provide service to participants in your group.

  34. Husaini says:

    The picture show above on the step to follow in creating facebook page is nt clear sir ?

  35. Ubah Chibuike Godswill says:

    please sir how can I promote affiliate products from konga or jumia

  36. Paul K. Kasimu says:

    Thanks sir, but how do i PROMOTE my page?

  37. Kingsley says:

    Isn’t only for someone that wants to sell or promote goods,I think is for also those who can write and make people read and fill good and gain something from what they read.Like words of wisdom and some other interesting story’s that can make people take a step to move forward in life

    • Ifiokobong says:

      Sure, @Kingsley, that a good topic too although I encourage my mentee to choose a topic that have physical product to sell or promote. This will make it easier to male money from it since we are dealing with how to make money online and not just for pleasure. Success!

  38. Kingsley says:

    Okay thanks sir..

  39. p-aim says:

    sir.sm plsd for dis course.its realy needful to our generation nw dat fb is taking our timr more than any other activity.pls wat d u mean by traffic and product.d u mean advertising the company product or hving personal product u wish to sell.also how do they make payment to .after dat

    • Ifiokobong says:

      Yes, you can advertise for others and you can also have your own product. If you don’t have a product yet, you can promote other peoples products and make money through affiliate commission.

  40. Ciara says:

    I just did this on a platter of gold without paying a dime. Thanks to u sir! Sir pls can I get ur contact or private social chat for more guides!

  41. wisdom says:

    How do I promote my page on facebook

    • Ifiokobong says:

      There are many ways to promote your page on Facebook. One of it is Facebook Ads. I will advice that you focus on content creation if you are blogging except you are running an eCommerce website.

  42. Lekan says:

    Can i u my google URL?

  43. Lydia says:

    Wow…. This is extremely amazing. I got everything from your lessons. I think God will use you well. May God strengthen u. I don’t think many would do this. Indeed thanks alot even though i haven’t gained yet.

  44. SAMSON says:

    sir can i submit my facebook page as my url for affiliate market?

  45. sam says:

    Sir God bless u for this wonderful online stuff hav always been praying for kind of oppurtunity dough I haven’t gain frm it sir after I create d page on fb hw do I get links nd product to sell nd hw do I make money frm dere God bless u sir

  46. Daniel says:

    I have a website but I don’t make money from it, how can I start making money with it pls.

  47. Faith primrose says:

    What ar my chance 2 make money on a website apart from selling?

    • Ifiokobong says:

      To make money online on a website, you will either provide a service or sell any product. ANother way is selling an advertising space. No other way

  48. udeh chukwudi says:

    pls sir can we talk privately

  49. Chidube Ikah says:

    Hello, my name is Chidube Ikah. I am from Nsukka in Enugu State. I like internet business and I will like to learn, I thank you for the knowledge I have learnt from you today about promoting Facebook page. My problem is how I will browse with little money or free browseing with my universal modem. I need reply in my email address, sir. pls, help: dubem4gee@gmail.com.

  50. Don_Ussy says:

    Very informative and funny.

    ” Facebook has grown to become a monster viral hub where everyone desire to use. I don’t know what they (Oyibo) put in it.”
    “So many people uses Facebook everyday in such a way even if you are selling shit, there is every tendency that you may have a buyer. I mean it.”
    Especially when you say
    “Some smart marketers will study you and even know when you have eczema in your face and they will introduce eczema drugs for you right there on Facebook.”
    But still a good write up.

  51. Angel says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful lesson but sir all those money entering your account, how did you do it? Is it that you link your account number with the business? We want to know how all the money you are been paid are entering your account. Thanks so much sir.

  52. obinna says:

    Pls Sir I found your advert very interesting Hw will the Facebook page yield money to my account thanks

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