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Hire Me

My name is Ifiokobong Ibanga. I am a blogger, a copywriter, SEO expert and a digital marketer.

I have 7 years experience in digital marketing. I have attended various training and courses to improve my knowledge.

Myself with Google engineers, Carlos Navarrete and Adam Read after Google AMP Hackathon Training

I personally have 11 blogs and currently generating more than 150,000 pageviews everyday from all of them.

The astonishing thing is that, all my blogs rank well in Google and other search engines. I just know how to do it right.

I am good in WordPress site creation and Hosting, SEO content development, advert management, product marketing, and more…

Let me help you achieve your goal this year…

Sure, I can do a lot of things for you when it comes to internet business.

Do you want to start making money online? if yes, hire me now.

These are the few things I can do for you right now.

  1. I will set up a blog for you for free (Read Terms and Conditions) [*VERY POPULAR]
  2. I will create a new blog with custom domain for you (NGN20,000) [*POPULAR]
  3. I will develop a new blog for you with 20 original articles (NGN50,000) [*POPULAR]
  4. I will generate keywords rich blog topics that will rank in search engines for you (NGN1,800 for 10 topics)
  5. I will write original blog post (articles 500+ words) for N1,800 [*POPULAR]
  6. I will setup a full affiliate store for you (NGN40,000) [*POPULAR]
  7. I will customize blog for you (Only NGN 5,000) [*POPULAR]
  8. I will register a domain name for you (NGN5,000 only) [*POPULAR]
  9. I will give you AdSense account (NGN50,000)
  10. I will host a blog for you  (WordPress.org NGN4,000 per month)
  11. I will make you increase your blog or website traffic (N30,000 per month for 12 months)
  12. I will make your blog to rank well on Google (NGN20,000 per month for 2 years)
  13. I will create an ebook store like ebookgig.com  for you (NGN850,000)
  14. I will create a responsive business website with 5 pages for you (NGN50,000)  [*POPULAR]
  15. I will fund your Payoneer account at a Good exchange rate
  16. I will publish sponsored post for you on InfoGuideNigeria.com for just N50,000
  17. I will coach you personally to make money online (NGN120,000 for one year )
  18. I will advertise for you on top websites in Nigeria like Punch, Vanguard and so on…
  19. I will run a Facebook Ads for your business
  20. I will run a Google advert for your business
  21. I hour consultation – on phone/office (NGN2,000 only) [*POPULAR]

Account Details: GOTOSCHOOL LIMITED 1015256082 ZENITH BANK PLC (Electronic transfers acceptable)

In fact, you can ask me to do anything for you concerning internet business.

Phone: 08026529647

Facebook Profile: Ifiokobong Ibanga

Office Address:
NOVA Computer School,
No. 124 Aka Road, Uyo
Akwa Ibom State

email: infoguidenigeria@gmail.com


Don’t still know where to start? Consider joining our training list here

Back at Home

I do Google AdSense Earning Machine training all over Nigeria. I tour from one state to other to deliver free seminars on how to make money online with Google AdSense and other sources. ( I have a well illustrated workbook you can buy and use if you cannot attend the seminar).


P.S: Want me to help you personally? If yes, you can buy my helpful eBooks or Hire me now!
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55 Enlightened Replies

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  1. Uzo says:

    Thanks for your write up. I want to ask how can someone contact you?

  2. Danny El says:

    I can’t read and just close without saying God Bless Your Work.. I’m a kinda person who loves to motivate others and I love to operate internet-connected gadgets till eternity (as long as there’s battery and data). I have a blog okdannyel.blogspot.com but I really don’t know what to do with it. What niche do I pick considering these hobbies that I posses?

  3. Adeladan kemisola says:

    God bless u plenty

  4. iykeo says:

    Hello i like your blog. You did not specify a fee assuming i want you to help me select a profitable blog niche to concentrate on. How much would that cost??

  5. Prosper Noah says:

    Bro you are doing a great Job here…. I just discovered you are not using adsense on your blog why?

    Am commenting from

    • Ifiokobong says:

      Yeah, AdSense banners and links will distract my readers from focusing on the articles. And once someone clicks on the AdSense, they will leave my site prematurely. That is why I don’t use AdSense here.

  6. Agunbiade Ayodeji says:

    Thanks my brother, I will work towards it very soon if no 11 on the list is one of the things I have to start with. I m happy for your response.

    From Ayodeji.

  7. Agunbiade Ayodeji says:

    Thanks Mr ifiokobong,I m an estate agent residing in Lagos,which area is the best for me to start right away?I m serious.

    From Ayodeji

    • Ifiokobong says:

      The best thing is to start a blog on what you are currently doing. That is “real estate blog” It will take time to grow but it can really worth more in the future.

      • Agunbiade Ayodeji says:

        Thanks my dear mentor ,I m happy to Hear from you that I can start with the ‘real estate blog’ without waisting time,how do you help me out to start,what and what are needed?

        From Ayodeji

        • Ifiokobong says:

          All you need is the money for hosting and domain name. You can hire me to set it up for you. That is No. 11 in the list above.

  8. Idaya says:

    Ifiokobong thank you so much for your enlightenment on internet business.
    I have physical products for sell and I want to customize a blog or which way is the best.
    Mind you I don’t know where to start.

  9. Kazeem says:

    I think I need ur help.Am on the verge of losing hope when I got ur profile because I’ve spent a lot to get this knowledge all to avail.Am broke right away but need ur help to bounce back to reckoning, thanks

  10. Isioma Ubogu says:


    Please how do you get money realized from ads (google ads for instance) into your local bank account?

    • Ifiokobong says:

      I receive the money using my diamond savings extra. They pay me directly in naira and I get the money from the bank cashier. I thereby eat the money as I like. Success!

  11. Don_Ussy says:

    Good blogger template needed please

  12. Victor says:

    Mr Ifiokobang why didn’t I know you before…

  13. Isioma Ubogu says:

    hello please how do I register for a domain name. Most of the names I chose are taken. However, on name cheap.com, there is an option to buy my suggested domain name from another person. That option is the ‘Make Offer” option on namecheap.com. Please can you assist me with this? Thanks.

  14. Okoyo says:

    hi I need your help can you create blog website for me

  15. Okoyo says:

    hi thanks a lot. can you help me create a blog account.

  16. Lydia says:

    please i do have paypal account.
    And i want to get a mastercard. Please will it be right to use verve to verify my paypal and will i be able to receive payment through through online jobs ? Thanks

    • Ifiokobong says:

      Hi Lydia, I will advice you get yourself involved merchants that pays with other means other than PayPal. This is because PayPal do not allow peer-to-peer transaction for Nigerians.

  17. divine says:

    Tenx sirie 4 dix ya opportunity we ol appreciate.bt cn u help me create dis blog?

  18. nelson says:

    there is no place 2 load my custom domain pls help me on step 3 pls

  19. victor says:

    I do really love what you are doing here sir.
    I created a blog using simplesite.com
    I tired blogger.com it’s didn’t work,its keeps on telling me oops error
    my question is this is simplesite blog is it a good one

  20. Macaulay says:

    Sir thanks for your help, for me I am a bit confused now I really want to start small so take me personally from the one my head can comprehend, I don’t have website, blog, affiliate marketing I only have Facebook account and e-mail accounts.

  21. Peres says:

    Pls i am aving a debit card but dey are requestin for credit card how will i do go about dat sir

  22. Tajudeen Latifat says:

    pls help me to register for blog, when am try to register is error

  23. Dare Mike says:

    I need you to create a blog for me, wanna be selling articles.

  24. Ogunkoya bukola says:

    Please help me create a blog

  25. VICTOR says:

    I have created my blog but how will be people now it and how can i be attached to google adsent and no place to input my bank details pls leisure me more.

    • Ifiokobong says:

      Now, if you have created a blog, start publishing original articles. Build readers first before you think about making money.

  26. Endurance Irom says:

    Honestly speaking I must start by appriciating you thank you very much sir and I will like u to create a blog, websiite and facebook page for me

  27. Endurance Irom says:

    Honestly speaking I must start by appriciating you thank you very much and I whant to also ask how much will it coust u creating a blog for some one who has no pc?

  28. emmanuel says:

    help me to create a blog and a website

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