In this guide, I will show you how to make money from Jumia affiliate program. My main aim on this blog is to share with you various ways you make money online legitimately. Jumia affiliate program is one of them. I have made some money from them and you too can make it.

Many of my readers requested for this article, and I am happy that I now have the chance to write it. Sure, it will be useful to you and others.

This article is useful even if you want to promote products on Jumia Kenya, Jumia Egypt, Jumia Nigeria, Jumia Morocco, Jumia Ivory Coast, Jumia Ghana, and Jumia Cameron. All you need to do is to choose country yo want to promote their products and you are good to go.

Also take note that Jumia have different website urls for different countries. I am saying this so that you don’t promote Jumia Ghana products  from the website with Kenyan promotional codes. Take note with this.

Let’s proceed…

What is Jumia Affiliate ?

Just like other affiliate marketing programs, Jumia online store pays webmasters when they refer someone to buy from their online store.  Here, you will have everything you need to know about Jumia affiliate, how to start and how to succeed.

How to Make Money from Jumia Affiliate program

How Much Can you Make from Jumia affiliate ?

Jumia affiliate program is one of the surest ways to make money from your blog. But the amount of money you can make depends on a lot of things. These includes,

  1. your blog traffic
  2. your blog niche
  3. affiliate commission model for the product you are promoting.

Jumia Affiliate Commission Model and Structure

Among other affiliate programs in Nigeria, Jumia affiliate is better because of their higher commission structure.

See the Jumia affiliate commission model below.

Category Commission
Install €0.1
Mobiles & Tablets 5%
Automotive & Motorcycles 6%
Books & Stationary 10%
Cameras & Accessories 6%
Computing 5%
Default 4%
Fashion 12%
Games & Consoles 4%
Health & Beauty 10%
Home & Living 7%
Kids & Babies 7%
Sports & Fitness 10%
TVs, Audo & Video 5%

Source: Jumia Affiliate Website

Let me explain how to commission structure work…

In affiliate program, you are paid a commission when you refer someone from a link to buy through an affiliate link. (I will show you how to get Jumia affiliate link later).

According to the commission structure above, if you refer someone to visit Jumia online store to buy products from the Mobiles & Tablets department, they will pay you 5% commission.

Different departments have different commission structure. The highest commission structure is the fashion department. And that’s why you will make a lot of money if you start a fashion blog.

You can visit to see a typical example of an affiliate link to jumia online store. If you buy from that link, I will be paid a commission.

Things you Need to Start Jumia Affiliate

There are certain thing you need to have in place before you start jumia affiliate pprogram. Few of them are?

  1. A functional blog
  2. A Bank account
  3. A functional email address.

Once you have all these, you are ready to proceed.

How to Signup for Jumia Affiliate Program

jumia affiliate program signup form

To join Jumia affiliate program, follow the instructions below.

1. Visit Jumia affiliate program signup website

2. Click on “BECOME AN AFFILIATE”button

3. Fill in the Jumia affiliate program signup form.

Select your account type ( I prefer individual), fill in your name, email address, mobile number, country of residence, and your website.

4. After filling those information, proceed to read their affiliate program terms and agreement.

5. Once you agree to their terms, Click “START EARNING” button.

6. Login to your email address to confirm your email address by clicking a confirmation link sent to you.

Jumia Affiliate Approval

After submitting the form, the Jumia affiliate team will process your application. It usually takes like 5 days to more to get a reply.

Jumia affiliate approval is easy. They will basically check the website (your blog url) to confirm if you have the promotional power to promote their products.

Even though they decline your application, you can contact their affiliate team via email ( and explain how you will promote their products. This is what I did when they first declined my application.

After Approval What Next?

If you are approved for Jumia affiliate program, the next thing is to promote their products and earn some commission if you have a qualified sales.

How to Generate Jumia Affiliate Links

This step is very important because you will not just make money if you copy bare link from Jumia affiliate store to promote. You have to generate affiliate links for specific product or product category you want to promote.

You can also get affiliate banners from your jumia affiliate dashboard and place on your site. These affiliate links have unique identifier codes that inform Jumia that it’s you who referred someone to buy the product. By so doing, the system tracks your referral and credits your commission with the agreed commission rate.

To generate Jumia affiliate links, follow the instructions below.

1. Get the Product Link

The very first step is to visit Jumia website and get the product link you want to promote. A typical example is this link for this Mini Chain Shoulder Purse Bag – Black.

2. Add you Affiliate ID to the link: If you promote the link just like that, they will never pay you. You need to add your affiliate ID so that ehy will know that you are the one who refered the buyer. To do that, follow the instructions below;

A. Sign in to your Jumia affiliate dashboard

B. On your vertical menu, click on “Tools”>> “Link Builder”

C. Select “Advertising Offer” (that is, country of interest). If you are in Nigeria, select Nigeria.

D. Now copy your product url you got in step 1 above and paste it on “PAGE URL”

E. Finally copy the “FINAL URL” to put on your blog.

That’s it on how to generate Jumia affiliate links.

How to Insert Jumia Affiliate Link on your Blog post.

Jumia affiliate links are just like other links. You can insert it using Add Link on WordPress or Blogger “Insert/Edit Link (Ctrl+K) on your text editor. It works both on blogger and WordPress blogs.

Please make sure you add a “No-follow” tag to all affiliate or paid links. This is one of the SEO best practices.

The link will look like this >> Mini Chain Shoulder Purse Bag – Black. (If yo buy from this link, they will give me commission).

How to Get Jumia Affiliate banners

Alternatively, you can get jumia affiliate banners and place them on your blog. So that you get something like this below.

Follow the instructions below.

A. Sign in to your Jumia affiliate dashboard

B. On your vertical menu, click on “Tools”>> “Banners”

C. Select “Advertising Offer” (that is, country of interest). If you are in Nigeria, select Nigeria.

D. Choose your shopping category by clicking any of the the “Banner Folders”. Click any of the “Banner Size”you want. e.g. 300X250 and finally copy the “Banner Code” to place at your site.

How to Insert Jumia banner Code on your Blog

Once you have the Jumia banner code, the next thing is to insert the code on your blog so that the advertising banner will appear.

Insert Jumia affiliate banner For WordPress users…

  • Get the Jumia Banner Code (as explained above)
  • Login to your WordPress Blog Dashboard
  • On your Vertical menu, hover on “Appearance” and click on Widget
  • On WordPress widget page, pick a text widget to your sidebar and paste the Jumia banner code.
  • Save it. You are ready.

Insert Jumia Affiliate banner For Blogspot Blogger Users…


  • Get the Jumia Banner Code (as explained above)
  • Login to your blogger Dashboard
  • Click on Layout
  • On the layout sidebar, click on Add Widget
  • Paste the Jumia banner code.
  • Save it. You are ready.


After doing all that, you will see the jumia banner appearing on the place you put the banner code. See example below:


If you click and buy from the banner above, they will give me commission.

That’s it.

How to Check Your Jumia Earning

Once you promote jumia products, you may start getting qualified sales. You can check your earnings to know how much you have made. Although it’s difficult to understand their reports, you can monitor sales on daily basis.

Step to check your Jumia affiliate promotional report.

  • Sign in to your jumia affiliate dashboard,
  • Select your country to see the report and progress the day, week or month.

How to see the detailed sales conversation in Jumia Affiliate

  • Sign in your Jumia affiliate dashboard
  • On your left vertical menu, Click on “Reporting” >> “Conversions”
  • Select your country promotion target
  • Choose the desired preiod of time (e.g January 2017 to July 2017) .

You will see the number of sales made. You can see conversion date, your commission, and the status if it’s pending, rejected or approved.

They only pay for those ones marked as approved.

Jumia Affiliate Payment Method

Jumia pays via direct bank wire. Meaning that they will pay the money to your local bank account through electronic transfer.

To receive payments, you must supply your bank account details on your dashboard.

How to Update bank Details on Jumia Affiliate Dashboard

To do this, follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to your Jumia affiliate dashboard
  • On the vertical left menu, Click on “Payment” >> “Payment Details

Seriously, I dont know the payment threshold in Jumia affiliate. Last time they paid me, N53,098 but I don’t know the minimum payout. All I know is that it’s one of the ways to make money online legitimately.

Tips to Succeed in Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia affiliate is just like any other affiliate marketing programs. To succeed, you have to follow the instructions on this article. Then grow your blog to the level it can really make money for you.

The best type of blog to make money from Jumia affiliate is a product review blog where you talk about various products sold on the store.

That’s it on how to make money from Jumia affiliate. Hope this lesson is helpful. If you have comments, questions, appreciations or testimonies, let’s hear from you in the comments section.

I wrote this article in the night, so if you spot any error while reading reading, kindly point it out in the comments too. (Note: I will not approve this type of comments but I will really appreciate it). Thanks

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  1. Thank you sir for this great post

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  2. I thank God for coming across this… Thank you Admin. I have always searched for an affiliate program I can use and be able to make profit from it, I think this article is making me to consider jumia.
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    1. Hello Francis, nice to hear that this article is useful to you. Thanks for reading and success on you affiliate marketing business.

    1. The amount depends on the cost of the product and the commission rate for that product category. Thanks

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  4. Hello great Infopreneur. I’ve been a subscriber to ur articles and I must confess, you are a great coach.

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    3. If yes, what are the procedures involved.

    4. If your answer to question #1 is no, how do I go about having a workable blog?

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    1. Hello Nathan, you need a blog to join jumia affiliate program. Sure you can hire me to create a professional blog for at a very cheap rate. Thanks

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