Are you new to blogging or you want to change your niche? If yes, you will like to know the full list blog niche with the highest readers in Nigeria.

Blog Niche

This is so important when you are starting a blog because you wouldn’t want to waste your precious time writing on topics that don’t have readers.

Many new bloggers make this silly mistake by choosing just any blog niche. I often say that not all blogging niches are profitable. One of the deciding factor is number of readers on a particular topic.

The higher the readers, the higher it’s profitability. On the other hand, profitability also depends on the level of competition, product availability, knowledge of the topic and passion.

I earlier wrote a full guide on how to find a profitable blogging niche. So. go check that lesson out if you had missed it and you will surely gain a lot from it.

So, what are the blogging niches that have the highest number of readers in Nigeria?

Here is what I found out during my niche research. I think they will be very useful to you.

  1. Nigeria News (Over 6 million readers every month)
  2. Entertainment News (Over 6 Million Readers every month. Linda Ikeji takes almost half of that).
  3. Live score (over 5 million readers every month)
  4. Jobs in Nigeria (Over 5 Million readers every month)
  5. Celebrity Gossips (Over 4 Million readers every month)
  6. Nollywood Films (Over 4 Million readers every month)
  7. Business Ideas in Nigeria (Over 3 Million readers every month)
  8. Naija Musics (Over 4 Million readers every month)
  9. Football News (Over 2 Million readers every month)
  10. School News Updates (Over 500k readers every month)
  11. How to Guide (Over 5 Million readers every month)
  12. Make Money Online (Over 800k readers every month)
  13. Free Browsing Cheats (Over 500k readers every month)
  14. Technology (Over 500k readers every month)
  15. Health (Over 500k readers every month)
  16. Scholarships (Over 500k readers every month)
  17. Prayer Points (Over 1 Million readers every month)
  18. Sugar Mummy (Over 1 Million readers every month)
  19. Sugar Daddy (Over 1 Million readers every month)
  20. Blogging (Over 500k readers every month)
  21. Fashion (Over 400k readers every month)
  22. Cooking Tips (Over 100k readers every month)
  23. Affiliate Marketing Tips (Over 200k readers every month)
  24. Weight Loss (Over 200k readers every month)
  25. Web hosting (Over 200k readers every month)
  26. Phone Reviews (Over 200k readers every month)
  27. Wedding (Over 200k readers every month)
  28. Relationship (Over 200k readers every month)
  29. Real Estate (Over 200k readers every month)
  30. Politics (Over 200k readers every month)

Please note that these are not search volumes. The figures above are the estimate number of readers on that topics every month in Nigeria.

NOTE: Your Search Should Not Stop Here

These are big and broad blogging niches. Most of them have very high competition. So, because they have high readership does not mean that it will be profitable for you.

There are many things that determines the profitability of a blogging niche. I discussed that in detail here.

So, do well to do more niche research before you dive in. Most importantly, choose a topic that you know or love. Passion is needed as well as experience in the topic.

After that…

Don’t Wait (Take Action).

It’s time to stopped reading and make money from what  you can do best.

It’s easy to start…

Do the following:

(1) Buy a very Bluehost and install WordPress on it.

(2) Install a very nice theme on it. There are many free WordPress themes on themes repository. Of course, you can also get a premium theme if you have the money. Premium themes make your blog to stand out from millions of other blogs.

Let me know if you need any help. You can get to know what I can do for you in the hire me page.

Talk soon…

By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

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