You might want to know how profitable is weight loss niche in Nigeria?

Before you start a blog, it’s important that you take your time to research on the topic you want to write. Of course you know that not all topics are profitable.

weight loss

And you will like to create a blog that will be profitable when you invest you invest your time and money.

There are few questions you must give answers to…

(1) How many people search the topic every month? The higher the better

(2) How many websites or blogs I am going to compete with? The fewer the better

(3) Are they products or services I could sell or promote? If yes, better

(4) Do I like this topic or have passion for it? If yes, better

(5) Are they potential advertisers in the niche and are willing to pay well per bid? If yes, better

These principles applies to every other niche. You can use the strategy to choose a profitable blogging niche to start your blog.

So sit tight let go down and digest weight loss niche in detail.


What is Weight Loss Blogging Niche?

In simple terms, weight loss niche is talking about weight loss or how to loose weight either fast or slow. Therefore, blogs in this niche are basically focusing on how to loose weight.


How Many People are Searching for information on Weight Loss?

I did a niche research today and found out many other micro niches in weight loss niche. Let’s see what I found out.


From the picture above, you will discover that we had over 18k search as at October 2015. That is Google Keyword Tool. This information is from searches from Nigeria alone.

This figure is different in different months, but, at least 14 thousand people go to Google every month to look for information how to loose weight. That’s only people who uses Google. What about others who uses other search engnes such as Yahoo, Bing, or Wikipedia?

It doesnt stop there… Other micro niches in the weight loss niche has different search volumes. If you add everything, you will find out that weight loss has huge monthly search volumes.

The next step…

Look for sub niches in weight loss that you can exploit.  I did more in-depth niche analysis and found out more smaller niches in weight loss niche.

These are, but not limited to;

  1. weight loss tips (over 15k monthly searches)
  2. weight loss foods (over 15k monthly searches)
  3. weight loss diet (over 15k monthly searches)
  4. weight loss pills (over 15k monthly searches)
  5. weight loss tea (over 10k monthly searches)
  6. weight loss exercise (over 18k monthly searches)
  7. weight loss drugs (over 20k monthly searches)
  8. weight loss program (over 15k monthly searches)
  9. weight loss app (over 30k monthly searches)
  10. weight loss and diabetes (over 15k monthly searches)
  11. weight loss and sex (over 20k monthly searches)
  12. weight loss and hiv (over 30k monthly searches)
  13. weight loss and pcos (over 8k monthly searches)
  14. weight loss affiliate program (over 10k monthly searches)
  15. weight loss after abortion (over 10k monthly searches)
  16. weight loss after c section (over 8k monthly searches)
  17. weight loss and breast size (over 8k monthly searches)
  18. weight loss after pregnancy (over 15k monthly searches)
  19. weight loss calculator (over 15k monthly searches)
  20. weight loss story (over 10k monthly searches)
  21. weight loss eating plan (over 15k monthly searches)
  22. weight loss challenge (over 18k monthly searches)
  23. weight loss before and after pictures (over 19k monthly searches)
  24. weight loss boot camp in nigeria (over 10k monthly searches)
  25. weight loss belt (over 15k monthly searches)
  26. weight loss balloon (over 12k monthly searches)
  27. weight loss books (over 20k monthly searches)
  28. vitamin b weight loss (over 15k monthly searches)
  29. b complex weight loss (over 15k monthly searches)
  30. weight loss coffee (over 13k monthly searches)
  31. weight loss causes (over 30k monthly searches)
  32. weight loss challenge (over 16k monthly searches)
  33. weight loss capsule (over 15k monthly searches)
  34. weight loss cardio workout (over 17k monthly searches)
  35. vitamin c weight loss (over 8k monthly searches)
  36. hepatitis c weight loss (over 9k monthly searches)
  37. vitamin c weight loss benefits (over 10k monthly searches)
  38. weight loss diet plan (over 15k monthly searches)
  39. weight loss drinks (over 20k monthly searches)
  40. weight loss diet in nigeria (over 12k monthly searches)
  41. weight loss during pregnancy (over 15k monthly searches)
  42. weight loss detox (over 20k monthly searches)
  43. weight loss diet tips (over 15k monthly searches)
  44. weight loss drops (over 12k monthly searches)
  45. weight loss diet plan for women (over 20k monthly searches)

So, you have over 46 sub niches to choose from. If you focus on one topic for a while, you may become an authority in that niche and rank for it.


How Profitable is Weight Loss Niche in Nigeria?

To answer this question, I will say it’s profitable. Here are my reasons;

(1) The search volume is high: I found a high search volume every month. This means that so many people want to know how to loose weight here in Nigeria. With over 18,000 monthly searches, you are sure of getting at least 10,000 if you do your homework very well.

(2) There are less competition: From my niche research, I discovered that there are few blogs that focus solely on weight loss here in Nigeria. If you do a Google search on “Weight Loss in Nigeria”, you will discover that the first 10 websites that rank in Google search do not focus on this topic. So, I think it’s easy to outrank few of them.

(3) There are products to Sell or Promote: Yes, there are so many products you can sell or promote in weight loss niche. These could be eBooks, pills, videos etc. Also, there are many merchants that will want to advertise on your blog because there is a market value in the niche.

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How to Start a Weight Loss Blog in Nigeria

If you are passionate about weight loss topic, all you need to do it to pick a topic from the list above. Create a blog on it and grow it to the level it can make money for you.

It’s easy to start…

(1) Buy a very Bluehost and install WordPress on it.

(2) Install a very nice theme on it. There are many free WordPress themes on themes repository. Of course, you can also get a premium theme if you have the money. Premium themes make your blog to stand out from millions of other blogs.

Let me know if you need any help. You can get to know what I can do for you in the hire me page.

Talk soon…

By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

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