The Best Type of Blog that Can Make Money Quick plus 6 cardinal Features of a Good Blogging Plan

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Blogging is not a get rick quick business, although some pro bloggers can make money really quick fro it. So,  you might want to ask, what is the best type of blog to create and make money quick from it?

What do pro bloggers do to make money really fast from their blog?

… and what are the features of the good blogging plan?

This is a very vital questions…

…and I think you should read this lesson to the end before you even think of  starting a blog.

Because, your knowledge-base at this level is very important and will determine your chances of success.

Of course, you will agree with me that not all blogs make money. Sometimes new bloggers may need to wait for like six to eight months before they can make money from their blog.

Often time, many bloggers don’t make money at all from their blog. I mean it.

So, why all this frustration… ?

The reason is clear.

Either the blog cannot not make money or the blogger don’t know how to make money from it. That means the blogger lacks blog blog development as well as monetization strategy at the start of the blog.

The Best Type of Blog that Can Make Money Quick plus 6 cardinal Features of a Good Blogging Plan

Just like any other business, blogging needs a good business plan. The plan will act as a road-map to what the blog will achieve within a specific time.

Let’s see, what are the features of a good blogging business plan? Let’s go there…

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6 cardinal Features of a Good Blogging Plan

Your blogging plan should be able to explain the following;

(1) What topic should I write? This is defined by the niche. The topic you will choose will determine your monetization strategy.

(2) Who will be by blog reader? This is defined by five cardinal factors such as;

  • (a) Age group
  • (b) Location
  • (3) Financial background
  • (4) Gender
  • (5) Interest and affiliations

(3) Investment Plan: What will be your investment? These are defined by

  • (a) Money to buy domain and hosting
  • (b) Money to buy premium theme
  • (c) Money to pay to custom designs
  • (d) Money to buy email marketing software
  • (e) Money to buy internet data bundles, laptops and more…

(4) Monetization Plan: This is the most important point. Tell me, how do you want to make money from your blog. I think you should define this before you even think of starting your blog.

Your monetization plan should be able to explain this point clearly.  There are various blog monetization strategies, such as;

  • (a) Google AdSense
  • (b) Services
  • (c) Affiliate Marketing
  • (d) eBook Sales. and More…

Your monetization strategy should explain this point even before you launch your blog.


(5) Marketing Plan: Now you have everything in place, tell me, how do you want to reach out potential readers. How are going to optimize your blog to rank well in Google, What product should I promote, How are you going to promote your products, affiliate links, or eBooks.

How are going to get traffic to your blog, and more. These are the essential things your blog marketing plans should explain before you launch your blog.

(6) Action Plan: Now that you have everything in place, you will need to put them together to bring the projected results. Now is the action plan.

Now tell me, what are those things you will need to do on daily basis to grow the blog. This plan should be able to explain the average number of articles, images, videos you will need to develop in a month.

How many emails you will send to your subscribers in a week, and so on…

Now that you know the cardinal features of a good blogging plan, let’s see the best type of blog to create and make money quick.

Quickly let’s see…

The best type of blog must have the following feature:

(1) Should focus on a single (topic) niche: This is very important. I have seen many bloggers, especially new ones, write on different topics on their blog.

Today they will write on “how to get girlfriend”, tomorow, they will write on “howto buy federal government bond”. In this kinf of blog, you are not only confusing yourself, but you are confusing your readers and well as search engine such as Google. It’s difficult to get reader or rank well in search engine.

Of course, Google will not know which topic that you are expert at. Also, you will irritate your subscibers you keep uon sending them different unrelated email topic every time.

I am sure, some of them will quickly unsubscribe.  So, if you want to create a blog and make money quick, make sure that it’s a niche blog. This means that you are writing on a specific topic.

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(2) Define an Audience: Any blog that will make money fast should have a defined readers. This is called audience. Of course, you don;t need to write to everyone in Nigeria before you can make 50K a day.

It’s simple too large. All you need to select a fraction of the population and talk to. This is just like teaching in the classroom. You have a definite number of people who listens to your discussion.

In addition to this, you mist understand them.I mean, you must know and understand your audience if possible by names. You must know their age, locations, financial status. gender as well as their interest.

This knowledge will help you to know the kind of language you are using to discus with them. With this information, you will know if your readers do have their personal bank account and if they can buy something.

You should know their cognition level to be sure if they can even read your article and understand them. These are very important because you are not writing for yourself, rather for other people.

So, in a nutshell, a good blog that will make money fast should focus on the audience.

(3) Stand out: Sure, a good blog that will make money fast should stand out from the audience.

What do I mean? What I am saying is that it shold be professionally designed with premium themes and widgets. It should be different from others. See for instance, this blog is wearing a premium theme from Solostream.

I bought it $59 then. It should look elegant and ultimately different from other blogs. It should have a custom domain, customm design as well as a personalized feelings.

On top of that, you need to subscribe your modem or pay for internet bills to get online. So, you need to be up-to-speed not only to creat a blog but to maintain it to the time it can make you money.

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(4) Be able to Make Money. Yes, a good blog can make money quick should be able to make money. Lol! Sound confusing?

Yes, you (the blogger) should know how to make money from your blog. Again, you blog should be able to make money on it’s part.

You should know many strategies to make money from your blog such as Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, products sales and more. The your blog should be able to drive this sales to bring your more money.

A typical example is this blog. I don’t have any display advertisement but I make at least N10,000 a day from this blog.

The strategy I use is through affiliate promotions and services that I provide to my readers in the hire me page.  Don’t worry I will soon write a full report on this issue and will be available only on demand.

So, if you want to make money from AdSense, your blog should be AdSense compliance. On top of that, you should be able to get AdSense account.

Also, you should be able to get blog traffic and optimize your AdSense ads for better earnings. That’s just the picture.

(5) Reach More People: Making money from your blog is just a simple arithmetic.

More Traffic = More Readers = More Clicks/Sales = More revenues.

So, a good blog that will make you money quick should have more human traffic. What I mean is that more people should read your post. Also, there should be more engagement by the users in terms of clicks and comments.

Just like you teaching a normal lesson to the class of deaf and dumb, they don;t even hear you nor see you. Because of this, they will hardly engage with your lesson and your effort is just in vain.

So, you should have a good strategy in place to get more people to visit your blog. This may be from raking well in search engine (SEO), social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube advertising), email marketing (building list of subscribers) and more.

You blog should have all these functionality and you should know how to harness them to your advantage.

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Putting All Together is the Action Plan: A good blog that will make money fast should know when it will start to make money. With this, you will not be so anxious to make money from it knowing too well when your blog will be ripe for that.

Sometimes over anxiety kills the bloggers passion when the money doesn’t come early enough. Time is a vital factor here. So that you can test things out if the earlier strategy work or not. This is where a good action plan comes in.

Finally, if you have all these in place, it therefore means that you have created the best type of blog that can make money quick. Outside this, I think you are simply wasting your time because you may never make money online blogging.

Don’t Make my Mistakes

I have really sounded wired somehow in this lesson. I was just myself because, I recounted all frustrations and failures I faced while I was starting out without a mentor.

I made a lot of mistakes, waited for like 2 year + before I could make a dollar online. I was not working under trial and error knowledge and you can avoid this if you really want to shorten your waiting period to make money blogging.

I do personalized 12 months mentoring programme and other things. It’s fairly cheap and you can start making money before that time elapse.

Your thought!

That was a full lesson I gave you for free. Yes, I am happy to do it because for me, it’s fun. You are free to ask questions at any point you don’t understand. Use the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this post to others.

Let’s I forget, remember to share with us which part of the lesson is the most interesting. Also,  which part have you implemented already and how does it go?

Cheers 🙂

By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

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    1. I really enjoyed your lecture on blogging. I am working on launching my website soon and I’d really love you to mentor me to succeed. How can I meet you?

      1. Sure, I am already mentoring many bloggers from this platform. You can hire me to mentor you and you won’t regret. Thanks for following the lecture

  1. Good Day Boss

    My blog is six month old and i have not make a doller, if you can atlease take your time and go through the blog and give me advise on what you as a prof on this field think is should do to reach the top. my blog is my mail is Pls i will be wating to hear from you soon. Thankz Boss

    1. Yes, @Ilori, you are running an entertainment blog. Many entertainment bloggers make money from their blog from paid traffic. The best way you can make money from this is to put Google AdSense on it and buy traffic from Facebook. You can still make much money from it if you do that. If you need Adsense Account and Facebook Traffic Hacks contact me via the hire me page. I will soon write a lesson how to easily get an AdSense account. So stay on the training.

  2. Hi Coach,
    Wonderful write up u’ve got der.
    Wudn’t mind being a blogger just dt I’m yet 2decide on a topic; guess I’ve 2pray about it.
    Mayb cos it’s about the moni I xpect 2make from it and not dt I’ve got a passion 4blogging.
    Just saying.
    Tnx Coach.

  3. Nice one sir,I really want to blogg but how much will it cost to set up a profession blog,I really want to blogg on health related matters

  4. Wow! Would love to be a blogger too I tnk iit should be on entertainment so I ll need u to coach me more please.. Can I start with my phone?

  5. Hi Ifiokobong, I have always wanted to blog but don’t know how to go about it. Please would like to get more directions from you, thanks.

    1. Okay, that’s what I am doing. Every time, I publish lessons on this blog that will help you and others to succeed.

  6. i created a mobile blog where i write my inspirational articles, but i don’t really know i can make monney from this blog. I tried to join google adsense, but is not working and how do i get more people to read my blog and comment?

    1. It’s time to do a change or action. Now create a self hosted wordpress blog or blogspot blog with a custom domain. Write original articles on it and grow it gently. I will soon write a lesson on how to generate blog traffic and increase comments rate. Interms of monetization, Google AdSense will approve your blog if you follow the content guidelines. Of course, as inspirational blog, you can sell your own eBooks to your readers.

  7. Nice one bro. I have registered my blog name (seyi osho’s blog). Now i need you to tell me the next step to take. I really have passion for this all the while but didn’t know how to go about it till i came across you. Reply asap sir. God bless you.

    1. Okay Osho, before now, you should have a topic you want to write on. Simply start writing just like me. That’s the way

  8. Hi coach can u pls go through my blog and tell me d problem and and am using BT I can’t access AdSense dere becos It says my blog is not yet qualified I opened it just recently pls I nis to make money from it

  9. Pls coach how can i get the konga banner on my blog and also i tried to promote my page bt it refuse datz on facebook

    1. Hello Sir Neji, you will not be able to build a forum on blogspot. I will soon publish a full lesson on how to build a fully functional forum and make money from it. So, start publishing original articles on your blog while you wait for the full lesson on that topic

  10. I have been blogging for like 3months now, with WordPress platform the issue is that I can’t able to change my blog to. Com, any time I try to buy a Web hosting site it always rejected my credit card. Pls can you recommend me to any good Web hosting company.

    1. Sure, I host most of my blogs with iPage Web Hosting. It’s fairly cheap and suitable to new blogs. You will need a Mastercard Debit card to make payment. I can help you migrate your blog to a self hosted WordPress if you wish. Success

  11. Good evening sir . I have been following you tutorials and i must say its wonderful unlike other booggers that do ask for money .You just give all ur knowledge out for free.
    I would like to ask you a question about chitika ads
    I placed it on my website but it doesn’t display . It only display in web version and not attractive . Please is there any step am missing

    1. Hello Chiaza, Chitika is just another way to make money online but it’s not suitable for Nigerians because of the very low CTR for this region. It’s a total waste of time and effort. I will advice you remove the ads from your blog. Then build your blog around a particular niche so that you can be accepted by AdSense. Then you can also promote affiliate products or sell eBooks.

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