20 Untapped Niche Blog Topics in Nigeria that can Make You Money Fast This Year

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Here is the 20 untapped niche blog topics in Nigeria that can use right now to create a blog and make money from it.

Do you want to become a niche blogger? Are you looking for ideas for niche blogs in Nigeria? If yes, in this lesson is for you

I have to restrict this topic to Nigeria because I tend to understand how the Nigeria internet marketplace works. Niche blog topics that is rocking in the US or UK may not be working as well in Nigeria.

This lesson is as a result of a request by one of our MMOCOurse student.

According to her, she said that she has read a lot about making money from blogging but she don’t know which topic she can choose to have the best blog that can make money.

Untapped Niche Blog Topics in Nigeria

The question:What are the niche blog example that I can choose to make money online?

When I tried to answer  the first question, …

She added: Sir, it seems that all the profitable niche blog topics have been taken already. What should I do?

I actually responded here via the medium she used to contact me [phone call] but I think it’s very important of me to do some kind of blog niche research for you.

Choosing a good blogging niche may be difficult if you are new to blogging. Yes, because you may quickly dive into an unprofitable blogging topics that cannot even make money.

That’s the problem faced by many new bloggers. Some of them may realize it after wasting over 3 years in unprofitable blogging.

Don’t worry…

See the …


This guide will give you a fair idea on what topics to blog on.

But before we go on, let’s see…

What Make Blogging Niche Profitable

There are three cardinal things that makes the best blog niche and to determine if a blogging niche is profitable to not. These are;

(1) The bogging niche should have high search volume: This means that the niche has a lot of people who needs information in the topic.

The implication is that, you will have people who will eventually become readers as well as potential buyers of promoted products or services.

(2) The blogging niche should have less competition: It doesn’t make any sense if you are writing on a niche that have a lot of competition already. You will have a difficult time in getting readers except you have huge marketing budget.

(3) Niche you Know or love: It’s very very important that you choose a blogging niche that you love or know a little about. The reason is obvious.

It will be so difficult for you to write on a topic you don’t know. On the other way round, it might be just fun to make money from what you already know or love to do.

Those are the 3 ingredients of a profitable niche.


Who is a Niche Blogger?

For purpose of training, a niche blogger is a blogger who focus on writing on a single niche topic. Let’s say “weight loss after pregnancy”.

The blogger will write extensively on this topic to the level he or she becomes an authority in the niche. This is called niche domination.


Why Start a Niche Blog?

A niche blog is the only way for now if you want to make money from blogging. Here you are focusing on s single topic until your readers know you by that topic. I have seen many new bloggers who started with entertainment news. Please don’t do this unless you use this strategy

An example is this blog you are reading now. I am writing on how to make money online. That is my topic and my niche.


Let’s see the 20 untapped niche blog topics that you can choose to start blogging

Let’s start immediately…

  1. Moringa Benefits (over 20k searches every month in Nigeria)
  2. Latest phones (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)
  3. Cheap Laptops (over 50k searches every month in Nigeria)
  4. Kids security tips (over 20k searches every month
  5. Prayer points (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)
  6. Event Planning (over 20k searches every month in Nigeria)
  7. Zara basic sandals (over 30k searches every month in Nigeria)
  8. Sonik super saver bundle (Over 15k searches every month in Nigeria)
  9. Scar remover (over 25k searched every month in Nigeria)
  10. Table Manners (over 30k searched every month in Nigeria)
  11. Shea Butter (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)
  12. New baby list (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)
  13. Sugar mummy (over 100k searches every month in Nigeria)
  14. Cheap flight tickets (over 100k searches every month in Nigeria)
  15. Cheap hotels (over 200k searched in Nigeria)
  16. Nigeria Events (over 30k searches every month in Nigeria)
  17. Baby carrier (over 15k searches every month in Nigeria)
  18. Penis enlargement (over 20k searched every month in Nigeria)
  19. Herbal Remedies (over 50k searches every month in Nigeria)
  20. Scientific Calculator (over 15k searches every month in Nigeria)

All these niche blog topics are still untapped with fairly low competition. I did niche research and gave the estimated search volumes every month.

I will be updating this lesson once I find out new niche blog topic ideas. So, consider bookmarking this page for future reference purposes.

So, do you own research on these topics too to be sure that it suits your liking before you pick them.

How to Get Started…

(1) Choose a domain name: It’s important that you choose a domain that have a keyword in it.

(2) Buy a Hosting Account: It’s advisable to that you choose a Bluehost for this since you are just starting out.

(3) Install WordPress, Customize your blog and start posting

Share this lesson with others in social media.

Talk soon…

By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

44 thoughts on “20 Untapped Niche Blog Topics in Nigeria that can Make You Money Fast This Year”
  1. Wow! Great class big ups man. But I am a little surprised that Agriculture is not among the most searched word. Pls I will like to know the statistics for Agriculture.

    1. Sure, I am going to check that out soon. Just like people don’t want to go back to farms. The niche I recently dicovered is “food processing”and “food processing plant”. Nice if you check that out

    1. There are profitable but there is not product your can sell or promote in between. It may be hard to make money from it unless you can write thought provoking eBooks for your readers to buy. You can still go for it if you are passionate about it.

  2. Thanks once again our Boss
    Sir, I’m considering going into ‘Latest phone’ niche but am not targeting Nigerian alone. I want it world wide. I will have means to promote my blog world wide
    Sir, do you advice I go into such niche? Or please Sir, if you have alternative niche that will be good for world wide you help me with it

    Again sir, what’s your advice if I choose to host my domain with Godaddy. There service is about $13 for a year and plus I have a promo code from them which will make it less if I host with them ?

  3. Thanks bro, u are doing a great work and i surely will tap from it thanks again;;;;;;;;;;;keep keeeping us posted.much love from here.

  4. Wow! This list is awesome;though I am just seeing this in 2016,is this list still very relevant now and you talked on knowing or loving the niche, I am a teacher and would like to market my skills!

    1. Hi Akinola, as a teacher you can make huge amount of money from online lessons on your blog and on YouTube. Just give it a try and you’ll be amazed. Success!

      1. Sir, can how can i create online teachings both with audio and video format from my blog and link them to my youtube?

        1. It’s not hard to do this… Simple acquire video and audio recording equipment and you ca good to go. I can help you to setup a blog for you where you can link to YouTube.

  5. Thanks a great deal sir for this timely info, it’s really helpful. Again, I wanted to start blogging about motivational and inspirational quotes but I think I don’t really know the right step to take. Please, could you give me a clue? I’ll be very grateful!
    I’m eagerly anticipating your prompt response.

  6. I would be grateful if I get a response swiftly,

    I started blogging about teaching people how to edit pictures using an android phone, also making reviews about applications also used in editing those pictures.

    I want to ask is that a good niche?


    Check it out

  7. The insights and guidance you shared here are greatly useful. I came in touch with it when I most needed the info.Ps is there any other christian topic with good volume demand?. Again, what of customer referrals blogging? Thanks and God bless you.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog. I happy the article is really useful to you. I will advice you to choose a topic that interest you. With consistency and handwork, you can still get something good from it. Success!

  8. Hi, thank you very much for this list. In the meantime, how about creating a blog on “how one can process their visa to any country by themselves without any agent”? How profitable is this?

    1. Hello Charles, travel and visa niche is very profitable. You can make good money from this niche especially if you do it well.

  9. I have been following your blog updates and to be frank it realy motivating me and l have learnt alot too, when one choses of those niche where can he or she look up for materials that will use as reference point to write his own like New phone and Cheap Laptop Niche

  10. God bless u sir,really appreciate ur good heart. Pls am evaluating the’ herbal remedies’ niche. Hope it can yield for me sir?

  11. Tanx man it was really helpful, just opened my eyes to a high level breaking my financial draught more elightment will be needed, God bless you

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