Make money from what you already know or love to do

From now hence forth, I want you to stop googling How to Make Money Online”. Do you know why?

The reason is that what you will find may not help you.

I am not saying that those articles are not useful…

… but (to be frank), most of those articles are really useless, especially to those who are fairly new in internet business.

These are the reasons…

  • Most of the articles may contain internet based terminologies that you may not understand
  • You may not even know how to use the information effectively
  • There are many vague information in most of the articles
  • Some of the tips are not useful to Nigerians
  • Some of the articles are written by those who never made money online

That’s why I said you should stop searching for how to make money online.


Use what you already know and love. That’s the fact.

Make Money from What you Already Know and Love to DO

In internet business, there are two driving factors to success! These are;

  • Money
  • Passion

The two actually works together but any of them can still keep businesses alive for a long time.

Let me explain…

If you love what you are doing, you will still be happy even if it does not bring money. On the other way round, you will love to do what will bring you more money.

That’s it

I know that you need to make money, but, it’s important for you to…

make money from what you already know or love to do”

A typical example of this scenario is a popular Nollywood actor John Okafor (Ibu). Naturally, he’s just like that… You know.

… but he took advantage of who he is to make himself cool cash.

Not only from acting, he’s also making serious money from his branded youtube channel.

So, it’s time for you to check yourself out…

Find out what you enjoy doing. Sure, that’s your online business idea.

That’s what you will make money from.

It’s now up to you…

Re-check yourself to see what you are very good at. Is it cooking, football, talking etc.?


Are you a graduate or a professional in any field?


Are you working somewhere?

If yes is your answer to any of the question above, it therefore means that you have accrued experience somewhere.

There is something that you know or have in you that you can leverage on it to make money.

Sure, [you won’t believe me] someone out there is looking for your advice or help of some sort.


What should you do?

Simply put, you can just package it and sell it to them. It’s Very simple and straightforward.

Now, check yourself again…

Sure you will find something special.

I know you are now asking… How do I start?

Starting is simple if your idea is well targeted. See what you could do now…

  • You can write a tutorial blog online
  • You can write and sell eBooks
  • You can create an online store
  • You can sell a premium course
  • You can create a youtube channel
  • And lots more…

That’s the essence of this course.

My intention is to help you actualize your God’s given talent.

So, let me know what you are very good at. I mean your strong point.

Then I will take it up from there. I will guide you on how to get started.

Registration for the training is FREE and it’s ongoing.

People are getting blessed on daily basis.

So, join the discussion below so see how I can help you get started fast.

P.S: Want me to help you personally? If yes, you can buy my helpful eBooks or Hire me now!


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