How to Make Money Online in Nigeria into Your Local Bank Account with Examples

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Are you looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria and cash the money into your local bank account? If yes, search no further.

There are so many articles on this topic on the web. This is because, so many people want to make money online.

In fact, if you search “how to make money online” in Google, you will find  about 500 Million plus results in 0.39 seconds.

This means that there are millions of articles out there on the topic.

But unfortunately, most of the make money online articles are not very helpful especially for newbies.

Some of the methods may even help you to loose money instead of making it. See what Seth Godin said on his blog concerning how to make money online.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria into Your Local Bank Account with Examples

This is very true of many articles on how to make money online. When I started blogging, I read a lot of it. Still, I made so many mistakes that postponed my waiting period to make money online.

Imagine a situation where a fairly new person is told to pay money to join a paid survey sites or buy an eBook. The user may either end up being scammed or quit blogging out of frustration without making any money at all.

Yes! There are over 1001 ways to make money online if you Google it.

Again, not all the methods works well in Nigeria for now. You might have heard of many work from home jobs. Many of them pay with Pay Pal. So, if you are in Nigeria, how are you going to collect the money?

What I mean is that most of the methods that are useful in the US and Europe aren’t working in Nigeria. This is because of the nature of Nigerian internet marketplace.

A typical example is non availability of peer-to-peer PayPal transaction. This has a lot of limitations in online business. You cannot use it to receive payment if you are doing affiliate marketing for companies that only pay via PayPal.

However, we have adjusted to suite our market nature and still make money from it.

Despite the difficulties, you can still make money online here in Nigeria and cash it at your local bank.

In this lesson, I will reveal various ways you can make money online in Nigeria into your local bank account. I will also show live examples how others did it as well as how you can start your own internet business now.

There are certain things you need to have if you want to make money online in Nigeria. These are

  • (1) A computer with internet connection
  • (2) A Bank account
  • (3) You may need to register a Payoneer account if you want to do affiliate marketing to companies outside Nigeria

Let’s start with…


You might have heard or read different articles on how to make money online from blogging. Sure, blogging is one of the ways to make money online but you have to figure out how.

Many people think that they can make money just by creating a blog. Yes, blog could be a money spinner but you got to learn how to use it as a money spinning machine.

Blogging is an online journal where you publish articles, pictures, videos that could help other people in time of need.

A typical example is this article you are reading now. This is a blog on how to make money online. I wrote the article and publish it on my blog and you are reading it to gain knowledge on the subject matter.

For me, blogging is the simplest ways to make money online. This is because I love writing even if my English and grammar is not very okay.

I see blogging as the bedrock of all other internet business because of its enormous benefits. Blog are marketing tools you can use to drive leads to your business for free.

Again, getting a blog is quite easy. I earlier wrote a lesson on how to create a blog. If you are just starting out, I will advise you to create a free blog using or

If you are new to blogging, a free blog is good for you. You can then use the free blog to test things out and see if you could be successful in blogging business.

Growing your Blog

Growing your blog is easy too if you know what it takes.

The main ingredient of blog growth is content. These are articles, pictures and videos.

Among the three, articles remain the most important ingredient in blog growth.

For you to be successful in blogging, you have to know how to write articles or have money to pay other people to write for you.

I have seen a lot of people who failed in blogging business. They actually rushed into the business because of the desire to make money fast. They started a blog without considering their ability to blog.

This is the reason why over 60% of bloggers don’t make money. Some of them will end up saying that blogging is difficult.

Yes, it’s difficult because you have to provide value before you expect money. That is how it works.

If you are a good writer, there are chances that you will make money from blogging.

But wait… knowing how to write for your blog or having money to buy articles for your blog is not a guarantee that you will make money from it.

There are other determining factors…

One of it is a good blog monetization strategy.

You can write very well but you may not make money online if you don’t know how to make money from it.

So, you got to start a blog with a good monetization strategy. There are many of them…

Let’s see…

How to Make Money from Blogging

There are many ways to make money from blogging.

It depends on your level of knowledge about blog monetization. Few blog monetization methods are explained below, starting with…


This is about making money from your blog through advertising. There are many ways that pro-bloggers achieve this. This are …

(1) Selling Ads Space: If you grow your blog to a level where is has a significant readers (let’s say 1000 people per day), you can sell an ads pace for others to advertise on your blog.

See a snapshot of Linda Ikeji’s Blog advertising for Wema Bank (WEMA Mobile).

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria into Your Local Bank Account with Examples

Do you know how much WEMA bank pays to advertise on her blog? This might be much. Depending on your bargaining power with your client, you can make enough money to pay your bills and even more.

(2) Pay to Click Advertising: This is a contextual advertising program where ads image or text is displayed to your blog or website reader depending on the article keyword.

If these contextual ads are clicked by your reader, you are paid.

The amount of money you can make from pay per click depends on your number of visitors as well as number of clicks (click through rate).

A typical example of PPC advertising is Google AdSense. You can make as much as $2,500 per month from Google AdSense if you have a significant traffic to your blog.

(3) Paid Reviews / Sponsored Post: This is another way to make money from your blog. If your blog have a significant traffic from a targeted audience, you can attract other people to sponsor their promotional articles.

These can come in the form of guest post, featured post or related post.

At the end of the day, you are either paid by just publishing it on your blog as sponsored post or by click/impression as in related post. Another one is paid reviews.

You can be asked to write a paid or sponsored review of a particular product or services.

(4) Paid Membership: Many people make money from their blog by offering paid membership section.

Members pays monthly fees to join. With the paid membership section, you can share exclusive contents and ideas to them.

(5) Coaching: You can make money from your blog by offering coaching opportunity to your blog readers. If you are very knowledgeable, you can coach someone else to know what you know. See a typical example of a coaching offer by below;

coachingDepending on the quality of the coaching process and the amount paid, you could make serious money from it.


Affiliate Marketing

Many bloggers make money from their blog by simply recommending other people’s products or services to their blog readers. If their blog reader buys the recommended product or service, the blogger makes money from sales commission.

This is called affiliate marketing. It’s one of my most effective ways to make money from my blog.

The amount of money you can make from affiliate marketing depends on so many things. These are (a) number of visitors (b) commission rate (c) professionalism in what you are doing. I use affiliate marketing a lot.

I earlier taught on how to make money online with Konga affiliate programme. In that lesson, you will leearn everything how to promote konga affiliate product on your blog or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.


Information Marketing

This is about selling information to others. Simple! So many bloggers including me sell lots of information to others.

It’s about knowing what people want and providing it to them for a fee.

You can make a lot of money by just selling helpful information to others.

The amount of money you can make depends on the value of the information as well as the marketing strategy used.



If you are a professional, you can offer some training online.

A typical example is this blog. I am teaching how to make money online for free.

This blog now makes at least $100 per day from private mentoring.

Yes, people pay me to teach them how to make money online on a one-on-one basis.

You can teach anything online. Distance learning is a new way to go now. You can package your lesson in any format such as text or video and sell it to your students in any location.


Write for Money

Have you heard of freelance writing? It’s one of the most effective ways to make money online.

If you are very good in writing, you can make money from it. You can write for money.

There are so many media companies that are looking for good writers out there.

All you need is to let them know that you can write. The best thing to do is to watch major job board and Nairaland to find any opening for freelance writers. You can find writing job quickly if you setup your LinkedIn profile very well.


Make Money from Youtube

Have you heard of Youtube? Yes! It’s a very good source of money for video bloggers (vBloggers). Youtube pays via Google AdSense program. It’s easy to setup your Youtube channel. Simply visit with your Google account and upload videos there.

You can choose to monetize your videos and make money from it. In early 2015, I made a whooping $600 from screening a video of past exam questions. You won’t believe the number of view I’ve got.

Interestingly, you can use Youtube to generate more traffic to your blog as well as affiliate links. All will eventually lead to more sales and more profit.


Start a Forum

If you are fund of finding and sharing ideas, forums could be a good source of money for you. You can create a forum, grow it to the level is can generate more sales lead to advertisers.

A typical example is Nairaland. The owner, Seun makes a lot of money from paid advertisement. Other monetization methodes include Google AdSense and other contextual ads.


Provide Services Online

Do you know anything special such as web design, graphic design or other things? If yes, you can provide such services online and make money from it.

You can check it out in the HIRE ME section of this blog. I render a lot of services to my blog readers. Although I teach for free, I make a lot of money by doing so many things to them.

Also, there are many freelance websites here in Nigeria where you can offer services.


That’s not all…

Sure! That’s not all the ways to make money online. Like I said earlier, there many other methods out there. I also taught you those methods I have used and proven to be effective and practicable here in Nigeria.

You might have tried different other methods to make money online that is not listed here. SO, endevour to tell us which method you’ve used so far and which one works best for you.  Use the comments section below.

By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

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  1. Sir,
    You are really doing a nice job
    Thank you very much and God bless you.

    After reading your previous lesson on how to start blog, I got all the info, but my biggest fear is that I, myself don’t even know what to start blogging about.

    I seriously have passion for online business especially this blog of a thing but what to offer there is what I don’t know.
    You may ask me what do I like discussing everyday or so,
    Honestly I love entertainment, sports and relationship..
    Now, how do I start writing on any of this things.

    Sir, I’m seriously helpless
    Don’t know if you are going to give me a clue.

    Thank you Sir

    1. Yes, good to hear that you have started blogging already.

      But unfortunately, I will not advice you to blog on any of those topics. The reason is that those topics hardly have physical product you can sell or promote on your blog to make money.

      You will only be depending on AdSense earnings which is very risky. Again, there are more competitions on those topics you mentioned. I will advice you research a smaller niche topic that have physical products, build and niche blog and develop it to the level it can make money for you.

      I will soon write a comprehensive on how to start a niche blog. Regards.

    1. You will need to publish online original articles on your blog. Also, buy and map a custom domain on your blog. After that, invite me to review your blog before you use it to apply for adsense. Luckily you will be approved. Success!

  2. Sir, I created a blog though newly, I have added a few articules to it, I know alot to blog about but for time and resources I haven’t added much to it. I want to register my blog with adsense but are say 6 months. Please how do I register it immediately without having to wait for 6 months long and how do I drive traffic to my blog. Thank you.

    1. I have seen your blog but the problem you have is that you copied those article somewhere and publish them on your blog. This may not help you to make money online fast

      1. Sir pls am awaiting ur response. ok how do I get my news for my blog? But to no better the page I created on my facebook page, is it my blog?

  3. Hi, good afternoon hope you are having a nice day.

    please help me check out my blog and tell me my fault.


    1. @ Nneka, I checked on your blog and everything is okay except that you copied articles from other websites and publish on it. This act may harm your chance of getting Google AdSense account. But you can still monetize your blog if you have good traffic and good monetization strategy. Success!

    1. Hello Richard, you should be able to post article there. Login to your WordPress dashboard >> Post >> Add New. You will see a work interface where you can type in your article heading and the body. After click the publish button on the right hand side of your work interface. You are done. Success!

  4. if i want to create a blog; like how many days it will take me to create a blog and Google AdSence.
    Can i create a blog and google adsence from my mobile device.

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