If you are a Nigerian citizen who is currently living in Nigeria, read this post if you want to make money online. Or leave it if you don’t want to make it. It’s not by force that you become rich from the internet.


Living in Nigeria is really tough in terms of online businesses. Most strategies that works for those who live in the US or UK do not work for people in Nigeria.  I don’t know why, maybe we are not the owner of the internet or they don’t want us to enjoy the fruits of the internet.

Nigeria has been blacklisted in so many online money making resources.

See for instance;

  • Clickbank does not accept Nigerians: thus reaping us the opportunity to make money from their website.
  • PayPal do not allow Nigerians to receive payments on their platform,
  • Google AdSense do not quickly accept Nigerians and they pay very low CPC for those Nigerians who uses their platform.
  • Facebook is denying us the ability to advertise on their platform by giving us unnecessary stringent rules.
  • Thousand and one affiliate marketing sites do not accept Nigerians… and more.

With these facts, it becomes so tough to succeed online in Nigeria unless you know the strategies to kill it.

The limitations are as follows;

Low CPC on AdSense: With low CPC from Google AdSense you hardly have enough web traffic to make tangible amount of money that can take care of your monthly bills. This is one of the the problems faced by many new bloggers in Nigeria.

Can you imagine Google AdSense paying $0.02 per click? I tend to wonder which advertiser in Nigeria pays that low? And the most annoying part is that our Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) is sleeping. They don’t even know what is happening around them. We (Nigerians) don’t even have a competition compliance policy to monitor all these discrepancies in the market trends. This is shame!

PayPal Half-list is Really Annoying: The non peer-to-peer PayPal transaction in Nigeria is another big limitation because it makes it very difficult for those who don’t have PayPal to sell online and accept payments from outside the country.

So, they allow us to use our money to buy things online without receiving same. Why won’t our foreign reserve deplete? I want you to answer me, why won’t Nigeria Economy crumbles when they only allow you to send money out without receiving.

There are so many businesses one can do online to make money, such as domain flipping business, high earning affiliate programs and more. But many blogger in Nigeria cannot do this because of this limitations.

Just Look at Facebook: Do you realize that Facebook does not allow me to publish a link to this blog on my timeline or Facebook page? I mean it. Just try to copy the url of this blog and paste on Facebook you will see the response.

They are angry that I am teaching people to know their tricks and also make money online like them. Can you imagine this?  Lol!

There are so many limitations but I just decided to share these few ones with you.

…and this is not happening to me alone…

See a bloggerslab member’s (Samuel Nwosu) Update about what I am talking about below.


Yes, I know that we are not the owner of the internet but the smart ones are still making money from it. Whether they like it or yes.

They think they can stop us… But NO!

Really, we are unstoppable. This is not smartness but we are really smart in our own way.

There must be a way where an enemy says there’s none. They are trying to limit us but there are ways you can still make money online.

We have our way to get things done in a way that favour us..

And that’s what I’m going to share with you. I don’t care if they’ll read this article or not.

Let’s start… Limitation 1: Low AdSense CPC

How to Make Money with low AdSense CPC

The best way to make serious money from Google AdSense with their low CPC is to get serious web traffic. Yes you can get this traffic from Facebook for free.

If you don’t have AdSense, Read here >> How to Get Google AdSense Approval Fast with a New Blog [FULL LESSON]

I mean it, we the gurus have a way to traffic from Facebook for free since they don’t allow us to advertise. It’s our people who are in Facebook, so we have the right to redirect our people to our website to help us make money.

The higher the traffic, the higher the clicks. Imagine I was able to increase my we traffic in 1435% in one of my blog. Lol! I mean it see the graph below;


I used a Facebook Traffic Socket system to increase my blog traffic. From the graph above, I increased my blog page views from 18k to 151k in one week. That automatically increased my AdSense earnings from from $3k to $10k per month.

You can use this strategy to make $100 per or more per day from a one day old blog. I mean it. If you don’t have a blog yet read here [please note that Facebook Traffic Socket only works with self-hosted WordPress blog. 

Limitation 2: Facebook Hooks

I wasn’t difficult at all to drive traffic from Facebook for free. I only use Facebook Traffic Socket to plug Facebook users to my site and they stay there while I make my money.

So there is really no need for them to limit us from maximizing the usage of their social network.

Fro Facebook… it’s a done deal and I can show anybody how to do it.

That is that… The next one is limitation 3: No PayPal in Nigeria

How to Make Money with or Without PayPal in Nigeria

I earlier wrote a lesson how to make money online without PayPal account in Nigeria. But that notwithstanding, you can still get a fully verified PayPal account here in Nigeria. I now have it and I will soon share with you how I did it [Email Only]

But even at that you can still make much money online and receive it here into your local bank account in Nigeria without PayPal. So, according to me, there is no restriction here.

What I mean is that you can still get a verified PayPal account in Nigeria if you truelove wish. However, you can use other means to make money online. The best method I have used is Payoneer. There are just perfect PayPal alternative for bloggers.

With Payoneer, you can promote to affiliate, work at Fiverr and other big merchants in the US or Europe. With Payoneer ATM card, you can withdraw your money anywhere you see an ATM machine in Nigeria. I mean it. So what are you waiting  for? Start something now.

I am not even talking about ClickBank. You can use this tips to get ClickBank approval now or yet still, you can leave them alone and apply for Flexoffers affiliate or Commission Junction.  I am using all of them to make money online without waiting for any selfish affiliate program who only allows their cousins to join.

And Finally…

The easiest way to make money online for someone who lives in Nigeria

Like I always said…

There are many ways to make money online.

One of my best method is to sell information product to your fellow country people. It really works.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Just package something useful in the form of PDF, Videos, Audios and your fellow Nigerian will buy from you.

Will you believe that I make at least 2k naira everyday from selling job interview past questions? I just package these past questions from the internet and sell it to people who needs them.

Are you wondering what to sell? If get many hot products here for your inspiration.

See… we are very many in this country and you only need to sell to few people and you are rich.  I mean it.

You can build a very powerful information marketing business without the need of PayPal to any maga. You only need a local saving account and honesty and you are good to go.

So, you can see that you can make money in Nigeria as a Nigerian citizen living in Nigeria even with numerous limitations. Just try them and you will be glad you did.

By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

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  1. Please can I use free blog created from blogger.com to post job ads since I do not have money to buy job blog template?

  2. Hello i would like to get an adsense account for my blog below.Please how can i get it

  3. Hi Ifiokobong,
    Thanks for your timely info. I am interested in starting an online business this year. I’m wondering I you’ve heard of Digital Nomads? If yes, do you know any Nigerian who is? I’d love to know also if I can make reasonable income here in Nigeria as a Content creator, Ghost writer or a copywriter.
    PS: kindly send me your whatsapp number so we can chat

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