In this lesson, I will teach you how to make money with Payoneer affiliate here in Nigeria.

There are two major ways you can use Payoneer to make money online in Nigeria.

Payoneer allows you to receive your affiliate payment from top merchants globally and they also pay you $25 if you refer someone to signup.

Before I start…


What is Payoneer?

Make Money Online with Payoneer Affiliate in Nigeria - Payoneer ATM

Payoneer is a global finaincial service companies that provide money transfer throughout the world. Payoneer is a registered member service provider of MasterCard Worldwide.

Just like PayPal, Payoneer acts as broad border payment platofrorm that empowers global eCommerce by connecting professionals, businesses, countries and currencies.

Simply put… Payoneer is a payment platform where you can use to receive payment from virtually all freelance sites merchants, and stores from the US.


How do Nigerians Use Payonner?

Like myself, I use Payoneer account to receive my affiliate payment from many online affiliate programs. I use payoneer account to receive my commission junction affiliate payment, fiverr, infolinks payment, themeforest commission payment and amazon associates payments.

All these are affiliate marketing located in the US. I will be difficult to receive the payment if you are not in US but Payoneer makes it simple to receive the money even if you are not there.

Apart from That, you can make money from Payooner affiliate. This is called “Payoneer Refer a Friend Program”. It’s easy to get started. Follow the signup instructions below.

(1) Signup for Pyoneer Account

(2) Get your unique referral code. Use the code to refer someone to signup. Once the person have upto $100 in his/her account, you will be paid $25 cash.

To get Get the Unique referral code follow the step by step guide below;

(a) Click the “Refer A Friend” Button


After clicking that, you will be  taken to where you can copy your unique referral code. Now click the “Copy” Button as shown in the below below.


That is it…

How to Use the Payoneer Referral Code to Make $25 for each referral

You unique referral code is a link where you can embed in your blog post or emails. To make money from Payoneer affiliate, you need to have your own blog.

It’s also easy to share your referral code on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are buttons there where you can just click to share your unique referral link on your social media profile.

I have used this to make over $3,000 so far. It’s not hard to do it. Almost every three hours I’ll receive an email like this below:

Simply refer a friend to register, after that, don’t sit back. Instead teach your singups how to use the account to receive affiliate payments.


How to Receive Money from Payoneer in Nigeria

Once you signup for payoneer, they will send an MasterCard ATM card to you. You will use the the card to activate the account. After that you can use the ATM card at any ATM machine that allows MasterCard anyway in the world to remove the money.

You can even decide to sell your Payonner fund at a higher rate which is better than using ATM to cash it.

What to Do to Make Money into Payoneer Account

There are many things you can do online to make money into your payoner account. Personally, I make over $1,000 from Commission Junction every month.

You can decide to join commission junction or do some menial job at Fiverr. It’s up to you to use your God’s given tallent to make money online legitimately.

I also make some few bucks by writing for people on Fiverr. If you know how to write articles or web design, why not join Fiverr to make money from what you know.

You can promote various products on Clickbank, amazon and other popular affiliate programs. The most interesting part is that they pay in dollars. So, the little you make there is a big money here in Nigeria.

I have a friend who makes $30 per day writing 6 articles. Each article is withing 400 -500 words for $5 each. $30 is approximately N6,000 per day. He ends up cashing over N180,000 every month from his payoneer account.


What if you Are an Author or want to Write a Book?

Perfect if you want to write a book or have it already. Do well to market the electronic copy of your book on popular book stores such as amazon.

Sure with the huge web traffic and marketing strategies adopted by amazon, you could make reasonable sales. Then cash your money using Payoneer.

Payoneer For Photographers

Are you a photographer? Do you know that your local shot can become a source of inspiration to someone in the other part of the world? Sure. I will say yes.

Stop being a local photographer. Use your local shot and sell on the international market.

Okay… even if you are not a photographer, do well to start a professional photography and sell your pictures to international audience. Cash the money here in Nigeria using Payoneer.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try and put your best.

You can don’t have to invest any money apart from your knowledge and time. So, try t and you will be glad you did.

If you have any question, let me know in the comments section below. I will respond asap.

Talk soon…

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By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

56 thoughts on “Make Money Online with Payoneer Affiliate in Nigeria”
  1. Thanks for this. It is really a mind opening write up. You talked about Amazon and Fiver, how do I go about using them to make money online. I’m currently writing my first book and also a lover of inspirational quotes. Please how do I use these two sites to make money online? Thanks.

    1. Sure, you can sell the digital copy of your book directly in Amazon. Fiverr is where you render services for someone for $5 each. It’s quite lucrative because I have friends who make as much as %50 per day from there.

  2. You also talked about a unique referral code, I have a payoneer account with a US based company but I wasn’t given any code in case of referrals. How do I get it please. Thanks

    1. Yes, Read the lesson again now. I have update the post with relevant images on how to get your payoneer unique referral code and how to promote it. Thanks

  3. Thank you for your useful information. God bless you. Please i have some questions.
    Does it mean that Payoneer is only acceptable by merchant websites in the US only? Which means one can’t be recruited using payoneer as payment option by other merchant websites in other countries order than the US?
    Secondly, please as for the Ebook stuff, should one learn how to edit ebooks and how, or can one just hire an ebook editor? Please reply and thank you very much.

    1. Hi Nichy, Thanks for your questions. Many sources to make money online are from US or Europe. Apart from Google AdSense and Few others that pay via direct bank wire transfer, many other merchants in these countries pay their partners via Pay Pal. But unfortunately, Pay Pal do not accept peer to peer transaction for Nigerians. So, the only alternative is to use US Payment Services offered by Payoneer to receive our funds from these merchants.

      Considering your second question, it’s not compulsory that you hire an ebook editor. Some of my nest selling PDF documents are just compiled recources that help the buyers. Nothing special but quality matters. You can hire an editor if you wish.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Thank you very much for your reply. It is really helpful. Please, these merchant websites that accept paypal as their payment option, can they still accept payoneer for those who don’t have access to paypal?

    1. Hi Francis, once your account is approved, payoneer will send your ATM to address you provided during registration. Thanks

  4. Please sir,
    I’m a new make money online student
    And I don’t have my own blog for now
    Secondly, I don’t also have any of the accounts you mention above
    Like the payoneer and PayPal account
    I’m still reading your comment before I consider creating a blog for myself
    So since I don’t have a blog nor any of the accounts how will I earn the accounts when I earn the blog. Is it through online or is there any other means?
    Thanks so much for ur care

    1. Yes, I am happy that you are here. Familiarize yourself with the make money online terminologies so that you don’t make money once you start your blog.

  5. Thanks for the post. Please can one use payonner as the payment platform for an e commerce site? If yes, how effective is th service?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Ay, No, you cannot use Payoneer as a payment platform for ecommerce site. Instead you can use GTPay, GlobalPay, Simplepay or voguepay. Success

  6. I already have a Payoneer account, but a company I want to write for is asking for my Payoneer ID. What is this ID? Is it the reference number or username

  7. Thanks for the post… pls I want to learn how to make money online and I don’t want to start a blog… can u prescribe other ways for me to make money online… you can reply through my email

    1. You can make money online by rendering services. Visit Fiverr, oDesk or Amazon Mturk to find services. Success!

    1. Hello Joel, the best thing to do as a photographer is to create your own stock website or photography blog. There you can sell your own works to people who needs them. Success!

  8. Thanks once more..I will surely check back on your blog as it has cool posts to help Nigerians make money online.

    I love your innovation to make this country a better country by teaching the youths to make it online…

  9. Thanks for this opportunity,i have open a payoneer account successfuly but they said my account will be approved in the next 3 working days.when i click on refer a friend it was taking me back to log in when i have already done that,could it be because my account has not been approved

  10. Hello good day i am really interested in payoneer… And i am a local photographer plss where do i go to sell my shots online… And aslo can you please help me d names of other companies that i can work for and get paid… Thank you and best regards

  11. Hello Ifiokobong, you really made my night by putting me through this. i recently signed up and acquired a payoneer account. And just by following the instructions on how it works, that says sign up> request funds>withdraw funds… i followed suit but by time i requested for the amount, i was asked to enter payer details i.e the company’s details, i got stuck. Now my question is, can I just enter the name of one of the US companies without having to do nothing for them and still get paid? or Iv got to be a writer or photographer first? or what other services is involved? Secondly, they said my card will be shipped to me in 2months. is that true? i await your reply

    1. Payoneer is used to received payment from US and European countries. So you have to be a service provider either in the form an affiliate marketer or a freelance worker or blogger to earn from it. Yes, your card will be shipped to the address you provided during registration within the stipulated period of time. Success!

  12. thank you. its really helpful. i want to ask, do they open a bank account for you with Community Federal Savings Bank with your name and account number on it? cos that’s what i saw this morning and 2; whenever you refer a friend, do your referral unique ID changes?

  13. Thanks for your useful tips. My feedback is this: how do I get registered with clickbank as a nigerian and start making money advertising their products?

  14. hi
    I tried registering on payoneer but I am being asked to fill the form in Latin characters and I don’t know why.please help me what do I do?

  15. Thanks a lot Ifiokobong for the well detailed information.
    I have been into graphics and photography for the past years while studying in the university. Please what sites do u suggest i can sell my local photos.

  16. Thanks a lot for this enlightenment, I have been trying to sign up to Payoneer Act but am unable to what’s wrong.

  17. Hi, thank you so much for the write-up. i must say i have learnt so much and have become driven to do and achieve more.i just checked out fiverr and they do not have payoneer as a payment option.please can you shed more light on how i can have fiverr payouts linked to a payooner account. thank you

  18. Hello!
    Thanks for this post.
    I have a question.
    In what case i will receive 25 if i reffer a friend:
    a) his card must be loaded with $100+?
    b) he only need to register under me?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, the person have register under you. So, once his card is loaded with $100, you will receive $25 referral commission while he will receive additional $25 signup fee. So he will now get $125 in his acccount while you cash out your $25. Hope the explanation is helpful

  19. Wow!!! You’re just a God sent…..I have learnt alot….pls I have received my payoneer MasterCard 2times..

    But …….how can I start the affiliate Marketing…..
    Blog and website which one is preferable.
    And how can i create it with the right source.

  20. Hi,
    I stumbled upon this article via google search. Thanks for this piece.

    Please, I want to ask…
    I just opened a Payoneer account and I’m waiting for my card to be shipped. I’d like to know how I can use it on Amazon. I have seen articles that say it can be connected to the Amazon seller account but there are no details on how to go about it. Since one is unable to register on Amazon from Nigeria, how do I do it, please?

  21. hello,i have applied for payoneer multiple times and the card wasnt delivered.
    what can i do?
    is it true that withdrawals can be made to local bank account without using the card??

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