In this training, I will teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a recommendation-based marketing business. In affiliate marketing, you simply recommend a product or service to someone, when the person buys that product or service, they pay you a commission from the sales.

Like I said in the previous training, I am currently making at least NGN20,000 from affiliate marking from Konga and Jumia affiliate. This is small because, I am not focusing on it.

How to make money online with Konga Affiliate marketing


Notable Affiliate marketers in Nigeria

This year, Pascal Okafor, the owner of NaijaTechGuide celebrated his NGN1Million naira affiliate commission from Konga.

Other bloggers who have made it big in affiliate marking in Nigeria are Jide Ogunsanya of OgbongeBlog and Peter Kanayo of Compelling Adverts.

So, affiliate marketing works like magic. You can make huge amount of money if you understand it. That’s why I brought this training to you today.


What Will You Learn from This Training?

In this training, you will learn;
(1) The meaning of affiliate marketing
(2) How much you can make from affiliate marketing business
(3) How to start affiliate marketing business using konga affiliate
(4) Tips to make money from affiliate marketing
(5) How you will get affiliate payment in your bank account in Nigeria

Let’s start…


What is affiliate marketing?

Like I said earlier, affiliate marketing is a referral based marketing business. You can make money from affiliate marking by promoting products or services. If the person buys the stuff, you will be paid an agreed commission on each sales.


How Much Can I make from Affiliate Marketing Business?

The amount of money you can make from affiliate marketing business depends on a lot of things. These are ;

(a) Commission rate: The higher the commission rate, the higher the earnings. See for instance, all konga fashion products have a commission rate of 9%. This means that if you are promoting a wedding dress of NGN 85,000, If the person buys the wedding dress, you will be paid NGN7,650 per sales. Other categories like electronics or phones has 3% commission rate.

(b) Price of the Product. Sure, the higher the price of the product your are promoting, the higher the commission rate. See for instance, if you are promoting a product like LG 55 Inch 3D Smart TV of NGN470,000, and the person buys it, your commission per sale will be NGN14,100. Have you seen that? This means that you can make NGN14, 000 in just one referral.

(c) Buying Rate: This is rate at which a product is bought. There are products that are frequently bought. These are fashion, foods, toiletries etc. Also, there are complementary products too. A Typical example is women dresses. So, if the product you are promoting has high buying rate, you will make more money.

(d) Your marketing Strategy: Of course, every successful business needs a good marketing strategy. Marketing strategy are those things you do to increase sales in your business.

If you are using blog or website to send referral links, make sure you have high targeted traffic.

The higher the web traffic, the higher the sales and the higher the commission. Another good marketing strategy is a working email list.

You will have to learn email marketing, I will still teach you in the course of this training.

So, how much can you make from Konga affiliate marketing?

From my analysis above, you can see that there is no specific amount, one can make from

konga affiliate marketing business. The amount you can make depends on the factors I explained above.

Some people make above NGN200,000 per day. Me I make at least NGN800 per day. You can do more.

How to start konga Affiliate Marketing Business

Do you have a smart phone? Do you have access to internet? If yes, you can start Konga affiliate marketing today. See the steps below.

  • i. Signup here at Konga Affiliate
  • ii. Login to the Konga Affiliate Dashboard
  • iii. Navigate to Promotion > Banner & Links

There you will see banners and links you can use to promote the products on Konga Online Store.

Once you are able to make sales, Konga will send you a notification via your email email. See example below.

KOnga sales

Tips to Make Money from Konga Affiliate Marketing

After signing up, you are now an official Konga Affiliate Marketer. You can then promote products from Konga Online Store and earn a commission from each sales. These are tips for you to succeed.

(1) Have a Blog: You need to have a blog for your campaign. This is where you can write more about the product you are promoting. You can write and publish product reviews on your blog.

You will use your blog as a contact point between you and your potential buyers. Then, embed products links or banners on your blog to encourage clicks to Konga Online store.

It’s very easy to have your own blog. Signup for Web Hosting and get FREE Domain name and more with Bluehost.

(2) Build an Email List: With the help of your blog, you will be able to build and grow your email list. You can make more money by sending periodical promotions to subscribers in your email list.

(3) Create a Facebook Page for your blog or product you are promoting.

How to get Konga Affiliate payment into bank Account

Konga minimum payout is NGN5,000.

They will send your payment commission to the bank account you provided during signup.

So, after signup, do the following;
(1) Click on My Profile > Payment Details.
(2) Select: Bank / Wire transfer
(3) Setup your payment details with your bank account name and number.
(4) Select the payment threshold
(5) Click save.

After this process, once your commission reach the payment threshold, your payment will be sent to your bank account.

You can then remove your money and enjoy 🙂 Remember me when you get it. Lol
In the next training, I will be teaching you another method you can make money online. All secretes will be revealed to you.

If you have any question, kindly ask them in the comments section below.

By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

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    1. Hi Daniel, to get a blog is simple, there are several FREE blogging platforms from which you can start from. Blogger is one of them, if you are a subscribed member of this blog, we’ll be sending you free tips to help you start a successful blog, and we’ll also guide you on how to make money online.

    1. @ Ibrahim, it does not require any startup capital to start Konga Affiliate Business. All the information is provided in the article. You can start the business with just your laptop and internet access. It’s sound great huh!

    1. @ John, you can set up a blog for free by visiting or Your free blog will be or respectively. You can decide to buy a custom domain for you blog for it to look like

      Also, If you need a more professional blog, I’d advise you create a self-hosted blog on

      In either case, I can be of great assistance to you.

    1. @ Marvy, you can set up a blog for free by visiting or Your free blog will be or respectively. You can decide to buy a custom domain for you blog for it to look like

      Also, If you need a more professional blog, I’d advise you create a self-hosted blog on

      In either case, I can be of great assistance to you.

    1. @Ginah, No, they don’t charge money when signing up for Konga Affiliate marketing. It’s free to join. Give it a try!

  1. Nice work!
    God bless you for the knowledge you are giving out.
    My question is,
    What of if the person want to market only his goods!?

    1. @ Keneth, It’s very much okay if you want to market your own good. It’s even better that affiliate marketing because if you ca selling your own product, you keep 100% of the sales and profit. That’s okay right?

    1. @Jeffery, Yes! if you have a website or blog, you can use it along with your email list to start any affiliate programme.

    1. @Mattew, sure you will get your password. After successful signup, visit your email you used to retrieve your login details which include your password. Success!

    1. @ Stephen, you can set up a blog for free by visiting or Your free blog will be or respectively. You can decide to buy a custom domain for you blog for it to look like

      Also, If you need a more professional blog, I’d advise you create a self-hosted blog on

      In either case, I can be of great assistance to you.

      Kindly let me know if you will want me to set up a blog for you.


  2. I couldn’t JOIN Konga. Clicking on the JOIN display, it was just taking me back to the same page each time . What else can I do to sign up?

    1. @Keneth, sure you can do Konga Affiliate Marketing business without a website or blog. You can do it if you have a working email list. But I recommend that you have a blog because it serve as a lead generation platform that you can use to capture potential buyers. Hope that helps.

    1. @Ezekiel, you need a bank account before you start any internet business. Getting a bank account is simple. Just walk to the bank with N2,000 and tell them that you want to save it. Sure, they will open it for you and then give you ATM card. With this and other things, you ca good to go. More grace …

        1. Sure, I will teach you everything you need to know about online business. I will even want to ask, will you will you like to learn?

    1. Thanks chiduben, Sure you will soon have that post on this blog. We have started the training and there is no stopping again.

  3. How can you know that the product u are advertising has been bought. How will the buyer be able to see what he has both?

    1. Thank you for this vital question @Emmanuel. Every affiliate network has a powerful tracking systems. This systems are robots that are paid to monitor any transaction with any affiliate link. So, once there is a lead, the robot will start tracking it to see if there will be sales. At the end of the day, both the failure and success sales are reported. So, nobody is cheated in affiliate marketing. Hope this helps

    1. Hi Thomas, You will understand me as time goes on. Those internet marketing terms do sound pretty new to fairly new bloggers. It’s normal

    1. Hi Gentile, thank you for this vital question. Yes you can register with a brand new blog, but I will advice you build your blog first before you apply. Focus on readers first and money will come.

    1. I think you need to create a blog first before you apply for the affiliate account. You have to prove to them that you have platform to promote the products. Success!

  4. i love your post… Keep it up God will continue to bless you… Please can you explain in details the payment procedure.. Just like the ‘bank’ thank you…

    1. hi Stanley, are you talking the payment procedure for Konga affiliate marketing? Payment is through direct bank deposit. Once you reach the payment threshold (may be NGN10,000), the money will be paid directly to the account number you provided during signup. That’s easy.

    1. It’s like you don’t have a blog yet to prove how you will be able to perform the product promotions. I think you should learn how to develop and grow a blog first before signing up again. Sure they will accept you.

    1. @ Mathias, I have published a new post on how to make money online without investment with a free blog. In that post, I discussed also on how you can create a free blog using blogger. You can see the post here
      But if you need a more professional blog, I can set it up for you. Of course, all those information and tips are what i will continue to teach on this blog.
      Sure you are great!

  5. Good morning,i find it difficult to pronounce your name,however i have three questions to ask you.
    1.can i use my official email address.
    2.what do you mean by email list?.
    3.can you set up a blog for me?.
    thanks, omonigho.

    1. Sure, my name is hard to pronounce but you can stress it in syllables for easy pronunciation. The name shows that I am a Nigerian. To answer your questions –
      (1) You can use your official email address to signup
      (2) An email list is a database of email subscribers that you can easily communicate with using email. A typical example is that you are in my email list. That is why you got the message I sent to you.
      (3) Yes, I can set up a blog for you. I can set up a blog for free or I can charge money depending on the type of blog you are looking for. Find out more in the hire me page here
      Thanks for coming around. Sure you’ll find something great here!

    1. You can setup a blog for free using blogger or However, if you need a more professional blog with self hosted wordpress, custom domain, I can charge you only NGN20,000 with one year hosting.

    1. Sure, I can help you to get a new domain name. I can also customize it for you. But let me know, what type of domain are you looking for? is it .com, .net, .org, or .ng. Kindly let me know, I will be able to advice you well. If you want to buy the domain name for you visit here

  6. I am highly excited about your operation for a long time I have been following u . Pls, as I also have a company, service oriented one, what tool/plugin can I add to my website to ensure people out there draw raffiliate marketing to my site also for a commssion ? We can chart more on this at what’s app. Regds. 08032169267

    1. Thanks for flowing… Sure you will gain a lot from doing that.Can you tell me the website platform? I will be able to know the tool/plugin you can use to accomplish that. I will call you for you to get my number too. Thanks

  7. www. etopgroup. com. It is a liimited liabilty company. Its operations are basically four : etop professional institute, etop real estate and property venture, etop animal farm- piggery, and E-Learning. It shall be operating on its own 2 story building . Send ur contacts as we’ll

      1. Your response actually meets my need. Where do u reside? Can we meet on private chart for other discussions? Pls suggest .

        1. I am currently location unspecific because I travel a lot. Currently I am Suleja doing seminar
          for people. you can only see me through personal invite. But you chat with me on whatsapp anytime. Thanks

    1. We are talking about Konga Affiliate marketing and not Konga Merchant. Are you asking about those that sell directly on Konga website?

  8. thanks a lot for your post! v been into konga affiliate marketing but v not made a am finding difficult to copy and paste the product links on my blog.pls help me.they keep sending me my weekly account update everything in zeros.

    1. WOW! it’s simple. Just send a message to their support email, they will educate you. I will so write a lesson on that topic soon. Sorry for your experience.

  9. how can I customise my website. in d issue of konga dy request for my website wich I gave dem. bt stil insist in aceptin my state.

  10. Thanks Bro…just want to understand this while signing up for the konga affiliate program and stop cos I don’t understand: CHOOSE AN I D, WEBSITE URL, and other sites or methods of promoting Konga.

  11. sir,i dont know wot to say but i know one thing to say,thank you and remain bless i owe u one but remember dis once i start getting alert i will not forget who made the alert possible.thank u once again,but can we do dis with our phone or is it just laptop things?

    1. Sure, you will change your name from Chinedu to Godwin when you get the alert! Yes, you can do it with your android smartphone. Great Day!

  12. Ave qat a blog already..and i have posted a useful info and ave qained readers just for one post but..buh the probs i have is dat i have being unable to make my bloq look matured and also add pictures 2 posts…kindly help…

  13. Good day bro, please just you advised i have opened a blog but i do not know how to customize, please can u help me do it so i can start doing the Konga affiliate marketing biz and even Jumia
    . my blogspot is

  14. Sir, pls I signup for the konga affiliate account, but signing in they required for password, meanwhile wen I register there was no place to create your password.

    1. No, you will only refer the person to where he/she will buy the product. You will then sit back to get the sales commission if the sales was successful.

  15. if I promote a product and some persons buy that product, how will konga know that it was my own promotion that make such person buy it?

  16. I tried signing up for the konga affiliate , I’m in Ibadan so I filled oyo state
    into the column where I am supposed to fill state but it kept highlight the column so I couldn’t finish the
    registration. please what can I do?

  17. Wow, great article exposing another way to make money from affiliate marketing, particularly from Konga and Jumia…this proved that its not only Clickbank is the best. Nigeria is now stepping up in Affiliate Marketing Business.

    Thanks once for the article.

    1. Sure, I personally make money from Konga affiliate programme. That’s why I decided to share my knowledge with others. Nice to see you here @ Tola

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