In this guide,  I’ll show you how to make money from email marketing Business. Email marketing is all about selling products to subscribers through emails. I personally make at least $1000 worth sales from email marketing and I’m going to share the knowledge with you here.

How to Make Money from Email Marketing


Email marketing means selling to someone via email. I’ll be very open to you in this article without holding back any secrete to succeed.

Currently, I have like 7,000 plus subscribers in my email list. What am I using it for?  I’m using it for marketing purposes.

For instance, the first week I launched my e-book,  I made about 400 sales. All the buyers were members of my email list. So, immediately after launch,  I sent them notification,  with followup emails.

So,  400 people out of 7,000 members bought from me.  I made more sales after that week and majority of those who bought the eBook are already in my email list.

Many big e-commerce commerce like Konga or Jumia make bunch of sales on daily basis by sending emails to their subscribers.

In real common sense,  email marketing is about telling your existing customers, friends and relatives about the  products sell or services you offer.

Email marketing software make the work easier.  This is because you can send bulk emails to over 100,000 subscribers with just one click.  Without this, it could be a very difficult task to reach out to these large number of people who may have interest to patronize your business.

Another good thing about email marketing is that you can setup an autoreponder system that will make money for you even while you sleep. That is,  you program emails that will be sent everyday for the next three months. If you are selling digital products, that emails will be sent to your subscriber with the purchasing guide while you are on vacation.

Things you’ll need to start an email marketing Business

1. Products or Services:

One of the best recommended product is a digital product.  Example,  ebook,  app,  software,  video,  audio.  All these products are downloadable online.  So you don’t need any delivery logistics after purchase.  With digital products,  sales is automated. So,  make sure you have a digital product for sell.  You can write an e-book or get a PLR e-book and sell.

2. Landing page:

Once you have the product,  the next thing is to create a landing page. A landing page is where your cistomers will see once up tell them about the product.

On your landing page,  you’ll tell your potential customer about your products, products users,  benefits,  other users testimonies,  freebie download link  and a subscription form. Please make sure you don’t try to force people to buy your products here, instead entice them with something free so that they agree to join your email list.

You can give them free ebook,  checklist,  cheat sheet or anything they’ll love to get for free.on the other way round,  if you don’t have a free product to give away,  you can show them your achievements. See my landing page here as example.

Take note: you’ll need a domain name and web hosting to setup yoir landing page.  I usually recommend my students to use WordPress to setup their landing pages because this will allow them to publish articles on the blog sections which helps in search engine ranking.

3. Sales Page:

Please take note – this is different from landing page.  This is where you place the product order link. Here,  your buyers should be able to buy your products online and pay you electronically. You can set up a sales page using WordPress or use third party marketing companies like Gumroad or Whip.

4. Email marketing software:

Now that you have the product and the landing page,  the next thing is to buy and setup email marketing system using ready made software online.  The most interesting part is that most email marketing software comes with everything. Example, Getresponse comes with very attentive landing page, subscription forms,  download links. All you need to buy your domain name and web hosting, the do simple drag and drop and you are good to go.

See: Email marketing software

5. Email swipes:

These are contents that you’ll send to your subscribers in the email.  These will be simple sales letters that will entice your subscribers to buy from you. Many PLR e-book comes with few email sales letters that you can use to start your marketing process.

With these email swipes,  you’ll include links to your sales page where your subscribers will click to visit your landing page.  All of them will not burnt the same time,  but many of them will do if you have built trust with them.  That’s how email marketing works.

Tips to succeed in email marketing Business

Do not spam your subscribers,  else they’ll unsubscribe before you know it.   Like myself,  I usually send online lessons and tips to my subscribers and include commercial links in only few of them.

Build trust with yoir subscribers over time.  From then,  they will have confidence in buying your product or from your links.

That’s it…  Try it and let me know how it goes.  See you on top.

By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

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