Best Email Marketing Software You should use to build your list

In this guide, I’ll discus the best email marketing software that you can use to build your list. In the last lesson, we discussed how you can build a buying audience and maintain it. One of the ways to maintain your audience is through email marketing software. There are many email marketing software in the market right now, but there are few things you’ll consider when making a choice about which of it you’ll going to use.

Best Email Marketing Software You should use to build your list

What is email marketing?

First of all, let see what email marketing is all about. Email marketing involved sending commercial messages in the form of newsletters to a group of people called email subscribers.

The subscribers receive email messages via their email inbox. Messages sent through email marketing could be ads, sales pitch, solicitations, training, announcement, or request feedback from subscribers.

The outcome of every successful email marketing campaign often results in sales, brand awareness, loyalty and business trust.

If you want to make money online, you must definitely use email marketing software.

Why should you apply email marketing strategy in your business?

The advantages of email marketing can never be overemphasized in today’s businesses. One of the greatest importance of email marketing is for building and maintenance of audience.

Every businesses both online and offline need an email marketing solution if they want to get more customers or make more sales or both.

What you should consider when choosing an email marketing software.

There are so many things you should consider when choosing an email marketing software. These are:

(1) Deliverability: This is one of the most important factor you should consider when choosing an email marketing software.

The email marketing software should be able to deliver email campaigns right into the inbox of the recipients. There are many email delivery companies and notable ones are Gmail, Yahoomail and Hotmail.

Many of them have invested tremendously in spam filters. So a good email marketing software should be able to pass any spam filter and deliver the email message in the inbox. This is the only place that will guarantee that the recipient will see it.

(2) Usability: A good email marketing software should be easy to use. Luckily many of them comes with very friendly user interface with drag and drop options.

So, a person without any coding knowledge should be able to use it.

(3) Pricing: Unusually advise my readers not to compromise the quality with the price. Although you may be looking for something cheap, but I urge you to consider the first two options above.

But I’ve used quite a number of cheap email marketing software with high delivery rate. I’ll share them in the next paragraphs.

Best email marketing software for small businesses

Here are the best email marketing software.
1. Getrensponse
2. Mailerlite
3. Campaigner
4. arpreach
5. Mailchimp

6. Aweber

All of them listed above are cheap, easy to use and they have high delivery rates.

If you want to grow your audience and maintain it, you’ll definitely need an email marketing software. So, try it and you’ll see the difference.

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