How to Get a Verified USA PayPal account in Nigeria or any other PayPal Restricted countries Legitimately 

​In this guide, I’ll show you how to get a verified USA PayPal account in Nigeria or any other country that’s not allowed to receive payments. This is a straight forward tips, no change of IP address, nothing like proxy usage… Bla bla bla. 

Disclaimer : This guide is for individuals and businesses who really need PayPal account to do genuine businesses by providing or selling genuine products or services.

How to Get a Verified USA PayPal account in Nigeria or any other PayPal Restricted countries Legitimately

What is PayPal account? 

PayPal is the most popular online payment platform on earth. You can use it to pay and receive money online. Many companies prefer to pay you via PayPal being the only trusted payment gateway. You will definitely need a PayPal account if you want to make money online.

Why PayPal blacklist some countries 

I once contacted PayPal and asked them why they blacklisted some countries from using their services. Their response was to avoid fraud cases.

For me, I support their decision to restrict some countries especially those ones with high internet fraud rate.

Like in Nigeria, you can use PayPal to send or pay out money but you can’t use it to receive payments.

But for some internet marketers like us, we have various ways of making legitimate income from the internet,this restriction becomes a big huddle for success .

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There are genuine business and individuals in Nigeria who use unrestricted Paypal accounts to do business.

Or do you want to tell me that Nigerian Banks don’t have unrestricted PayPal account? Or maybe online stores like Konga or Jumia? Sure they all have PayPal account and they use it here in Nigeria withoit any restrictions.

I have good blogs that attracts advertisers but majority of the advertisers prefer to pay me via PayPal.

So, I decided to dig deep to find a solution to this restriction. Luckily, I found help and I’m willing to share. I used either of these methods to create my US PayPal account and it’s working fine. I logged in to my PayPal account using my laptop and MTN modem. I don’t use any proxy, no hiding of my IP address. Everything is working fine.

There are two ways… 

1. Open PayPal account in the US:

Get a US business visa, travel to the US and stay there for few months (US business visa allows you to stay in the US for maximum of 2 years before expiration or renewal) . While staying there, do the needed paper work and open bank account. Setup your PayPal account there before you come back.

2. Partner with a trusted US Resident:

This one is easier to achieve that the first option. Simple partner with someone who is staying in the US. Your business partner in the USA can setup and verify your PayPal account for you.

US PayPal Verification Process 

1. Email Verification: Immediately after registration, you’ll have to login to your email address and click the confirmation link to verify your email address.

2. Phone Verification :  You’ll also be asked to verify the phone number you used during registration (I. E. US phone number). Please don’t try to use fake phone number because it will make the account to be restricted. They’ll send phone verification code and ask you to confirm the code on PayPal website.

3. Bank account verification: After email and phone verification, your PayPal account is active but you still need to verify your credit/debit card and bank details to be able to make transactions with your account.

After all these, your account is ready to be used.

How to use US PayPal outside the US without restrictions 

So many people will advise you to use vpn or other proxy software to change your IP address to USA. Although this may work, I prefer doing things in a straightforward way.

I will contact PayPal customer service explaining who I’m and the business I do. Tell them how you got the account and what you are using it for.

Tell them your current location and why you need to have access to the account anytime of the day.  They are in business too and they will understand.

They’ll still track your location but they’ll not restrict your account based on where you are on earth. After all people travel from one place to another, so because you traveled to another location does not mean the end of business.

How to get a trusted business partner in the USA 

Having a good business partner is one of the step to success in business. You’ll definitely need this if you don’t have the funds and other requirements to travel to the US now.

How I can help!

I can help you get some business connections in the US but you will have to prove to me that you have a genuine products or services to render. You’ll also have to prove that you will not involve in any act that will implicate your partner in the future.

Let me stop there for now, maybe until I hear from you. Use the comments section below to share your thoughts and feelings about this post.

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See you on top!

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