How to Get a Gmail custom Email address (you@yourcompany)

In this guide I will show you how to get a Gmail custom address (you@yourcompany). You can login and send mail as if you are using your normal Gmail account.

Why do you Need a Custom Email?

If you are selling something online, a custom email will boost your credibility.

Apart from this, a custom email give you that sense of uniqueness when you communicate with clients via emails.

Also, most digital marketing companies requires that you have a custom emails before you can do business with them.

How to Get a Gmail custom Email address (you@yourcompany)

How to Get a Gmail custom address (you@yourcompany)

There are two ways you can get this…

1. Most web hosting companies allows you to create a custom email and forward emails to your gmail account. With this, you will have to run a two email accounts and only allows one-way communication.

2. Create it with GMail: The best way to get a Gmail custom email address is to get it from Gmail.

It’s easy to get this  done.

Simply signup with GSuit and get started.

GSuit is owned by Google and I like their services.

You will be required to verify your domain ownership to complete the setup.

Domain verification process is easy and you can do it without any coding knowledge.

Gsuit will give you 30 days trial period after which you will be required to pay $5 monthly.

Basic features

  • Professional email for you and your team, plus the complete G Suite.*
  • Get 30GB of space in Google Drive and Gmail so you can store, access and share files from any device and keep your emails indefinitely.
  • Collaborate more quickly and efficiently using integrated online calendars, online documents with real-time editing, and video conferencing.

That’s it… Hope it was helpful.

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