Many people do have a blog or website but cannot make money from them.

They are struggling with getting Google AdSense approval.

Others are searching for which affiliate marketing program to join.

Many bloggers really get frustrated because there might be no good outcome from their effort.

Does any of these happened to you?

If yes, don’t worry because 2016 will be different.

I will show you the ​best way out to make money online.

You don’t need to struggle that much, simply work on correct knowledge and you will smile to the bank every month.

There are 4 major ways to make money from the internet.

These are;

(1) Sell your Own Products 

(2) Sell other peoples product for commission (Affiliate) 

(3) Sell Advertisement Spaces 

(4) Sell services

The best among all in the number one in the list  – selling your own product


When you sell your own product, you keep the sales profit and the commission.

When you sell your own product, you are the boss. Since it’s your own product, you keep all the money derived from sales.

I know you are now asking me – What type of product should I sell?

There are many types of product you can create and sell online. 

(1) You can sell a physical product like craft work, or anything you can produce.

(2) You can also sell a digital product like eBook, App, Software, Video, Podcast etc.

What is the best product to sell online?

My best products are digital products. This is because, people can just download them from a link after payment.

With digital product, you are not involved in the logistics involved in product delivery.

Like myself, I will simply package an information in the form of PDF and sell to people who needs it. 

See, I have made over 500,000 selling “Job Interview Past Questions” to job seekers. You may think it’s common.

Sure, it’s really a common information but I make money from it. 

You too can do this…

In the few days starting from 1st January 2016, I will be teaching you how you can create your own information products from scratch and sell them online.

It’s an information that I usually charge money to teach people.

Information Product Rocks! It’s quite easy to sell it.  We all know that the World is our marketplace….

… unlike a ‘Brick & Mortar’ business which typically has a limited geographic market to serve, the Internet allows us the opportunity to sell out information products to every singly person on the planet.

And the great thing is that the there is no inventory to stock.

The buyer simply downloads the material to his or her hardware. And that’s it!

Now, how do you create an information product?

There are many steps to do this starting from idea to product launch.

I call this – information product development plan.

I will guide you through all the steps involved.

I would advice that you use the information in this lesson to start creating your information product while this lesson runs.

So, at the end of the lesson, I will expect you to have one information product that is ready for sell. 

Step 1. Research Your Niche

This is the first practical steps to creating an information product from scratch. A niche is basically a topic or an interest area. 

For instance, I figured out that job seekers will need interview past questions to prepare for their interview. So, I compiled job interview past questions and sell to them. This is a niche.

It might be just common sense or something you really know and love to do.

There are over 500 niches and sub-niches you can create your information product on.

It could be just an issue that affect a larger population in your community.

I use what I call the “NEEEDS Test” to identify the problems with the highest profit potential:

N = Needs are based on a strong emotional or physical desire for a solution?

E = Enough people searching online for a solution?

E = Evergreen niche?

E = Easily available solutions that are not online?

D = Desperate macro niche (Health, Wealth, or Love)?

S = Solutions make money or save money?

The most important indicators in the NEEEDS test are the first four (the last two I consider to be “bonus” indicators and aren’t compulsory).

It is a very simple exercise to find a profitable niche especially if you are very vigilant about your environment. 

Smart people do it even while they are disusing with friends (interview method).

Others do it by observation, prediction, intuition, assimilation, and from public domain products.

In any case, a successful niche is a success determining factor when creating an information product from scratch. 

Once the information product has passed the NEEEDS test stage, it therefore means that there is a 60% chances of success when introduced into the market.

Action Plan: You need to brainstorm and come u with a niche before the next email come your way.

By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

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  1. Yeah… Ilike the aspect of selling your product yourself. I learnt that from you, and am currently working on it for the past three month. Once am done, I believe its gonna be productive.

    I keep wondering where is any affiliate link on this site?

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