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4 Steps To Creating A Simple Yet Stupidly Profitable Online Business

In this lesson, I will show you the 4 steps to creating a simple yet stupidly profitable online business from your home. If you are attentive, you could even start it just after reading it.


After many years of marketing online (with some successes and lots of failure) I’ve realized that the simpler your business the better.

It does NOT need to be complicated to be profitable.

Too many moving parts just give you too much work and lower your profits.

And I’m sure you’ll agree that we don’t want that, right?

It’s all about FREEDOM and the simpler your business the more freedom you’ll have

So, open up your mind to learn something very simple but profitable today.


Here’s 4 ways to create a simple yet stupidly profitable online business….

1. Find and Pick a Profitable Niche

Pick a profitable niche that is suited to digital products (these are easy to create and sell). Digital product are products that one can download online.

The opposite is a physical product where you will need to be involved in the delivery logistics. A typical example of digital products are eBooks, software, videos, podcast, articles etc.

You don’t have to be an expert you just have to know a little (if you know more than an absolute newbie you’re already a genius to them) or do some research and find out information.

It’s all about positioning. If you’re a newbie don’t try and market to the experts. Just know your audience.


When done correctly, following the bonus guide…


2. Create a simple digital product like a PDF or Excel list.

It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare or anything complicated.

Some of my best selling products are simple lists of affiliate programs or Amazon products I outsourced the research of.

Some of the best selling info-products on JVZOO and W+ are interviews with experts or lists of resources.

It just has to give people valuable information and save them time doing the work to find it.

But not EVERY product will sell well, you need to follow the instructions from an expert.


3. Launch product using a “launch strategy”

This isn’t as hard as it sounds if you do it correctly and follow the guide.

Especially if you have the working strategy which eliminates the technical aspects of it and creates everything you need on auto-pilot.

And the fact the biggest product launchers in the game run their whole businesses based around 3 simple pages shows how simple it can be.


4. Drive sales using THIS free traffic

This is the hardest part and something most people struggle with.

It’s actually easier than it sounds, when done correctly

And can be done with FREE traffic that is PASSIVE after some initial work is done. That is, sell your ebook at popular online bookshops such as

You can improve your web traffic wit s no guest posting, SEO, Facebook Ads.


There you have it…

That is THE EXACT steps on how to create this type of simple yet stupidly profitable business?

Sure, the above steps are the simplest working plan to create a simple yet stupidly profitable online business. You can follow and implement the step on your own.


But if you don’t want to make mistakes, join my mentoring program (details on the hire me page).

Talk soon…


P.S: Want me to help you personally? If yes, you can buy my helpful eBooks or Hire me now!
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About the Author

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Chat Ifiokobong Ibanga on Facebook .

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