In this lesson,  I’ll show you how to make money from Linda Ikeji social network.  So,  you will not only be an ordinary user but a super user like me who is making money from it.

What is Linda Ikeji Social? 

Linda Ikeji social (LIS) is a new social network owned by the popular Linda ikeji,  the owner of Linda Ikeji’s Blog (LIB). For just few days after launch,  the Linda Ikeji social network has over a million users. Just like Facebook,  this is be a good place to make money from.

I joined the Linda Ikeji social network few days ago and I have seen tremendous followership because I share helpful ideas to make money online there.  Follow me here >>

I like the features I have seen on  Linda Ikeji’s social network.  See the picture above and you’ll see the amazing features ranging from news, instant messaging, business pages, deals and more.

Apart from enjoying the Linda Ikeji giveaways,  you can make serious money from this platform.  I want to share some tips to you here…


How to Signup with

1. Signup with Linda Ikeji Social Here (If you are not there already). You can signup with Facebook account.  See the picture below. After that, follow me here >>

2. Setup your your Profile to attract Followers: this is very important. Make sure you profile picture and bio is attractive enough to attract followership.

3. Grow your followers. There are many ways to grow your followers on Linda Ikeji social.  One way to achieve this is to follow others. Start my following me here.

Also,  be very active be posting interesting updates and photos.

Start commenting on News: Tell people to follow you when you leave comments on news.  Make sure you are active on the news section.

Submit Eye Witness news in the submit stories section.  This will help you to build authority  and attract more followers.

How to Make Money from Linda Ikeji Social

There are many ways to make money from LIS, see below;

1. Make N1,000 When you write original article on Linda Ikeji Social.

This is no joke! Linda Ikeji Social pays N1,000 for each unique article approved for payment. Once you post is approved for payments, the money will reflect on the wallet section.

These means that you can be making upto N20,000 everyday if you submit 20 original post on Linda Ikeji Social everyday. That will be whooping N600,000 very month.

You can use this money to buy goods online or get it through your local bank account.

To write a post on Linda Ikeji Social, simple ligin and clik on Submit s story button.

2. Make Money from Linda Ikeji Social Giveaways

According the Linda Ikeji herself, every week, Linda Ikeji Social member will go home with mouth-watering gifts, cash and other prizes. For many, this is a good way to make money from this platform.

Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) is giving away One Million Naira (N1,000,000) to 50 lucky users.

Yes! That’s right.

50 people will WIN N20,000 each

To qualify for this giveaway is simple;

The first 50 users to reach 100 followers get N20,000 each.

Follow  LIS Official Page here

3. Make Money from Linda Ikeji Social When there is Adverts on your Business pages:

Just like facebook page, you can also create a business page in Linda Ikeji Social network. This feature alone has revolutionaize the platform. According to the owner of the social network, If you page have at least 50,000 folloers, the Linda Ikeji Social will use the page for advertisement purpose and you will be paid 20% of what the advertisers pays for the banners placed on your page.

Again, if you business page have at least 100,000 followers, the LIS will place 2 advert banners on your page. This means that you will go home with 20% X2 per banners placed on your page. This is far better than Facebook page.

4. Make money from Linda Ikeji social by driving traffic to your blog or website.  

Publish updates with links to your websites.  Your followers will click the link and visit your blog or website.  This could be a very good source to increase traffic to your blog.

5. Make money from Linda Ikeji social by posting affiliate links.  

You can include affiliate links in your update or profile bio.  Most of your followers may click the affiliate links and buy from it.  Of course you know that that in affiliate marketing, you’ll have a commission once anyone buys from your link.

6. Make money from Linda Ikeji social my selling direct products online.  

There’s is a feature that looks like a store or deals.  You can sell your own products and people can buy to pay on delivery

7. Make money from Linda Ikeji social by growing your email subscriber list.  

You can include a subscription  link in your updates.  Most of your followers may click to join your email list.  Of course you know the importance of email list on internet marketing. Read: Make Money Blogging: 16 Step by Step Blueprints For Success

I am personally using Linda Ikeji social to make money online.  You too can benefit from these social revolution coming from Nigeria.

What do you think?

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By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

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  1. She’s taken a bold step. I’m optimistic that LIS is going to succeed. And nairaland will have to go back to drawing board because Linda has combined forum with social networking with the chance to earn a reasonable amount.

    But how she’ll be able to sustain the payment is another question. Because in the days ahead Nigerians are going to bombard lis because of win-win terms.

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