How to Make Money Selling eBooks Online in Nigeria

In this guide, I will teach you how you can make money online selling eBooks . Recently, I launched my first ebook on the topic “ZERO COST TRAFFIC TACTICS” This eBook revealed how you can get tons of traffic to your website for free without paying a dime. I have sold over 60 copies so far at the cost of N2,500 each (about $7). I now discovered that there is money in ebook selling and that’s why I have decided to share the knowledge with you today.

Make Money Selling eBooks online

What are eBooks ?

eBooks are electronic books in the form of PDF or kindle. It makes an integral part of information marketing business. Just like a physical book, eBooks can cover any kind of topics in all walks of live.

A typical example is the first eBook I launched, I took time to compile the ideas I used to generate web traffic to my blog like this one you are reading now without paying for advertising. The information in the eBook are very useful to those who want to generate traffic to their websites.

Want to see my eBook? See it here

Reasons Why Should you Should Sell eBooks Online?

There are thousands and one reasons why you should sell eBooks online. Here are few reasons;

  1. You need money
  2. People are looking for information to solve their daily problems
  3. There are existing buyers of eBooks in the market
  4. Delivery is easy through emails or download link

What Type of eBooks Should I sell Online ?

I know you will ask me this question…

The best type of eBook you should sell online is the one that provide real value to the buyers. What I mean is that the information contained in the eBook should do what it was meant for and not to deceive or trick the buyers.

Like I said earlier, eBooks can be in any topic ranging from childbirth to burial ceremony and in anything in-between that.

See for instance, In one of my blog –, my readers are asking me to write eBooks on how to start a filling station in Nigeria. Other topics are, Starting TV station, Start Telecom Company like MTN, Cookbooks, Travel guide… and so on.

So there are ready-made market to buy these eBooks from me if I had written them.

Where to Get eBooks to Sell Online in Nigeria

There are many ways you can get your eBooks to sell. I will explain…

1. Write your eBook: You can choose to write your own eBook on any topic that interest you. This is good if you really understand the topic that you want to write on. Forget about the jargon, simply write the information in Microsoft Word and turn is into PDF and sell.

2. Hire Someone to Write eBook for you: If you cannot write your eBook yourself, you can hire a freelance writer to write for you. Just tell them your topic and your areas of interest and they will write the eBook for you. The cost of hiring a freelance writer may be exorbitant anyway.

3. Use PLR eBooks: These are eBooks that you can buy from somewhere and resell to others without being penalized. PLR means Private Label Right. This right give you allows you to edit and sell the eBook as if you are the one who wrote it.

How to Sell Your eBooks Online

There are many ways to sell your eBooks online if you have them. For me, I decided to create a sales page for my eBook stating the benefits of the product to your potential buyers. Do you have a eBook already? If yes, you can hire me to create a sales page for you.

There are many ways to sell your eBooks online.

  1. You can sell your eBooks directly on your blog by allowing your buyers to buy your ebook online using their ATM card. But for me, I prefer a phone order.
  2. You can also create a blog for your eBook. This will help you to attract other blog readers to see your products.
  3. You can sell your eBooks on per-existing online stores such as Amazon, Clickbank, Konga, Jumia stores.

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Take Action Now! What are you waiting for? There are many topics you can write your eBook and sell online and many people will by it. Want to make money? This might be a very good online business idea to start. What do you think?

P.S: Want me to help you personally? If yes, you can buy my helpful eBooks or Hire me now!


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