In this lesson, I will show you super easy ways to make money from Google AdSense. Here you will learn how to make money from your blog or websites and /or from YouTube videos.

Google dsense

Google AdSense is one of the most simplest ways to make money online in Nigeria and anyway in the world. The Google AdSense team has made it possible to bloggers and website owners to monetize their web traffic by simply implementing ad codes served by Google and other partner networks.

Before now, I will assume that you already know how to get AdSense approval. If not read full lesson on that here.

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Basically, there are three ways you can make money with Google AdSense. These are;

  1. Make money with AdSense using your Blog or Website
  2. Make money with AdSense using Videos
  3. Make Money with AdSense using AdSense Sharing Sites

In any of these case, you can make enough money to take care of few daily bills. Here in Nigeria, many bloggers smiles to their bank every 21st of every month to cash in their AdSense earnings. You too can become one of them soon.

Things you Need to Start…

What are the requirements to Make Money from Google AdSense in Nigeria?

Here are the few things you’ll need to get started…

  • AdSense Account: If you don’t have it, read this guide
  • A Computer with Internet Connection ( A laptop and a modem will do). You can buy a cheap durable labtop here at Konga and pay on delivery.
  • Website or blog creation Creation: If you don;t have a blog yet, read how to create prodessional blog here
  • Content Creation: What you’ll now need is to create and publish original articles on your blog to generate web traffic. You can buy articles or pay other people to write for you. I have a premium idea that you can use to create free original articles but its not for free. You can get this idea from me for only N5,000. It’s a secrete idea that you can use to create original contents for your niche blog. If you need it, pick my number in the hire me page and call. I will tell you what to do on phone. It’s a very simple task.

Now if you are Ready…

Let’s look at the 3 ways to make money from AdSense.

1. Make money with AdSense using your Blog or Website

Once you have your AdSense fully approved, what you need to do now is to implement AdSense html ad code on your blog. It’s very easy to do this. I can create a free video to illustrate how to do this if you need it. But it’s really easy to do.

After implementation of ad code, put more effort to promote your contents on social media to bring in more people to your blog or website. The more people that come (web traffic), the more money you will make. Let’s see the second one…

2. Make money with AdSense using Videos

Vidio is basically the simplest strategy to make money from AdSense in Nigeria. I have personally setup youtube channels for so many people.

All you need to do is to create videos; it could be comedy, cooking tips, talk show, makeup tutorial and anything that other people will like to watch.

Now, create a YouTube channel and publish your videos and monetize it. That’s all, then sit back and wait for your money every month. I have written a lesson on how to monetize your videos with AdSense.

Let’s look at the third strategy…

3. Make Money with AdSense using AdSense Sharing Sites

There are many AdSense sharing websites that you can register and start earning AdSense revenue when you publish helpful contents.

Few of them are  Blogger, Infobarrel, Hubpages, Soulcast and many others. There are very many AdSense sharing websites and each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Don’t worry, I will soon publish a full post on the most trusted AdSense sharing sites that you can participate and make money in Nigeria.

Those are the three tops ways to make money from Google AdSense in Nigeria. The next thing is… How will you get this money into your local bank account in Nigeria?


3 Ways to Get your AdSense Earnings in Nigeria

There are basically three ways to receive your AdSense earnings in Nigeria. These are;

  1. Receive AdSense earnings via Check: You can receive your AdSense earnings in Nigeria via check. There are so many disadvantages in this method. You will need to have good mailing  address so that you don’t miss your check on transit. You will have to pay in the check at your bank branch, wait for few days for maturity before you can cash the money. Also, there are bank charges which are not palatable at all.
  2. Receive AdSense earnings via Domiciliary Account: I really recommend this method. Simply walk into any bank in Nigeria that have a domiciliary account package. Once your money enters, you can withdraw it in foreign denomination (dollar) and change them into Naira denomination.
  3. Receive AdSense earnings via Direct Bank Deposit: Some few banks in Nigeria accepts direct bank deposit from Google AdSense Ireland Inc. I personally use Diomand bank savings to get my AdSense earnings. It really work and no strings at all. The only problem is that you will receive the local dollar to Naira local (selling) market rate which is far lower than the market (buying) rate.

How to Spend your AdSense Earnings in Nigeria

Please spend your AdSense earnings wisely. Don’t squander it, instead, use it to buy valuable properties and invest greater part of them in other business. This is very important because AdSense team may decide to close your account at anytime, not minding if that’s your only source of income.

That’s the end of the lesson for now. So many people will use this lesson to shape their future. Others will read it and refuse to take action. But in any case, I have passed an information. It’s now left for you to use it to your advantage.

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