Some have wondered how I started my business selling Domain and Hosting? And the answer we will try to give in this post. And this road can be as fast or easy, as hard and difficult. Let’s see then.

The difficult way, to create our Hosting and Domains business, would be to create or use some developments or programs, which allow us to install a template or create it, for the visual or frontal part of the website;


In addition that will allows you the administration of the clients and the services. Some of the advantages of this path is the possibility of creating new developments and somehow offer new services or solutions that in some way can differentiate us from others. One of the disadvantages is the time that the implementation of this work can take.

But there are other simpler ways to start with our business of selling Domains and Hosting. One, very simple would be to acquire a Hosting Reseller (reseller), which consists of a space on a server, for example a 40 GB, where you can create packages, for example 1 GB of space, 2 GB Of space and 5 GB of space.

The annual cost of this 40GB package is approx. $ 500,000. If we sell each 1GB package at $ 40,000, with only 13 hosting sold, we pay the year of service, the other 27 1GB packages are profit. Obviously as you grow, the business can expand the space of your hosting reseller.

Another way would be to sign up as a distributor in our system domains and hosts , where you will have a control panel and website.

With the panel you can manage the clients, the expirations, products among others, besides being able to make some changes in the web page. This works in a very easy way, you just have to assign the sales value to your services, place your logo and you can start your business.

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In order to sell you must have a credit, this means that you must have a balance paid to start your business. For example, you can prepay $ 300,000 which is subtracted each time a service or product is activated.

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