I will help you Make online Payments in Dollars at no extra cost

Do you want to make online payment but you don’t have a dollar credit card or PayPal? If yes, I am here to help you. I will help you do online payments using my Payoneer MasterCard or PayPal account at no extra cost.

This is one of the services I render online among others. I have made it possible for you to make simple online I will help you Make online Payments in Dollars as no extra costpayments with ease.

In Nigeria, you can cannot use your Naira debit card to make international payment in Dollars or other currencies. That is why I am here to help you.

There are many occasions where you need to make international payments. These, among others are:

  • Buy domain name and renewal
  • Buy web hosting and renewal
  • Buy web templates and themes
  • Buy eBooks from Clickbank or other eBook stores
  • Buy software
  • Pay for Facebook ads
  • Pay for online services on Fiver or other websites
  • Pay for Music promotion on Tuncore or other website
  • Pay for Google AdWord
  • Pay for product shipping or online stores like amazon, eBay etc.

The list are endless…

How to Subscribe to this service.

  1. Contact me on Facebook
  2. Negotiate the exchange rate
  3. Pay naira equivalent to my local bank account.
  4. Send your online payment details to me.
  5. I will make the payments for you.

I have enough dollars in my Payoneer MasterCard and PayPal account to make payments for you.

That’s it…

Let me know what you think about this services. Use the comments section below.

P.S: Want me to help you personally? If yes, you can buy my helpful eBooks or Hire me now!


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