Website Hosting Business; how to start a web hosting business at home

In this guide, I will show you how to start a website hosting business and make monthly recurring income. Here, you will see the easiest website hosting business plan that you can use to start web hosting business with little investment.

Before you start…

You will want to consider, is a web hosting business a good idea? How much will I need to start this business.

To help you with the answer, web hosting business is a very nice business idea. It is not actually capital intensive except you want to create a web hosting server from scratch.

Website Hosting Business; how to start a web hosting business at home

Use web hosting reseller business model

Currently, there are many website hosting business models that you can adopt without spending much money. One of it is reseller web hosting.

With web hosting reseller business model, you don’t need to invest on the web hosting infrastructures. You don’t make your own web hosting server, instead, you will only act as an agent to the bigger web hosting companies.

These big web hosting companies allows you to have an account with them and be able to sell web hosting packages to other. That is, you signup with them, and have the ability to sell some web hosting spaces to others (third party) and make profit from it. This is one the best strategy to make money online.

Reseller web hosting packages comes with Web Hosting Manager (WHM). WHM is like a dashboard  that allows you to manage users from the back-end. You can create packages, allocate bandwidth much more with WHM

Reseller hosting plans also come with WHMCS, which is an all-in-one client management system used for billing & support solution for online web hosting businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful automation & support tool that can help manage your clients effectively.

Starting web hosting reseller business is a very lucrative one. The amount you can make depend on the number of customers you can acquire. Of course, the purchasing fee is always cheap and you can customize the front-end to suite your company brand.

Alternatively, you search for web hosting business for sale”around you and buy. When you buy web hosting company, you maintain the existing customer base as well as the infrastructures. If course you can always improve and develop the business from there.

Reseller Website hosting business expense


The amount you need to start web hosting business depends on your budget. There are packages from $18/Month or lesser. I always advise people to start with the smallest package and they can always upgrade to a higher package once they have many clients.

How to start a web hosting business at home

To start web hosting business now, search for a reputable web hosting companies that have reseller plans. Buy the cheapest reseller web hosting package. Start building building client base while you grow in profit. It’s quite simple. Many big web hosting companies you see today started small like this sometimes ago.

With this reseller model, its now very easy launching a web hosting business from scratch. So, give it a try if you are still looking for internet business ideas to invest in.

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