How to Perform Keyword Research to Boost Your SEO

Before you write any article on your blog, please perform keyword research properly.

Proper keyword research will help you to avoid wasting time to create contents that don’t have 🎯 target audience.

If your audience is large, you’ll get a fair share of search visitors no matter your blogs location in the search engine result position (SERP).

How to Perform Keyword Research to Boost Your SEO

If you are a good copywriter, you can optimize your blog post (based on the keywords) to rank well in search engines and this means more organic traffic.

Note: paid content promotion isn’t cheap and many won’t afford it.

Alternately, Search engine traffic is free.

And more traffic = more money if you have a good strategy to monetize your blog.

But how do you do effective keyword research?

How to do Keyword Research

Your ability to know a low competition but high search volume keywords is what you need to attract readers from search engines.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to know these types of keywords using only your brains or free keyword research tools. You definitely can’t get a gold mine for free. Far from it.

Also, there are so many fake keyword research tools online. These fake tools generate mediocre results that don’t represent any search interest.

But the good news is that there are good premium (paid) tools that can help you do this very effectively. You’ll definitely need this if you want to succeed.

I have personally bought three different types of keyword research tools (total $499/month) and I really enjoy using them.

So I’m on top of this… . Seriously!

I know you don’t like to buy things… But see how you can benefit… At a cheaper rate.

I’ll help you with the tools that I bought. This is one of them (affiliate link).

Yes, I said I’ll help you with my keyword research tools.

How will I do this?

Remember, the essence of the keyword research tools is to know a low competitive keywords that have high search volumes.

Once you have these keywords, you can create a blog post around them.

Because the keyword have low competition and high search volume, your post will have an opportunity to be ranked in search engines. And this will ultimately bring more traffic to your blog.

Now, I’ll use my tools to generate these keywords for you. Then put these keywords into perspective by forming a clickable blog topics for you.

What I mean is that I will be generating blog topics for you.

You need this information to improve your blog and I need small thing to maintain my subscription to these tools.

So if you give me just N5,000 per month, I’ll be generating one topic for you daily based on the search keywords in your niche.

This is only for those who want to improve their blog SEO using contents.

If you are interested in this, kindly pick my contacts in the hire me page or chat with me on Facebook directly.

You will definitely love your blog after doing this.

I like comments.

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