How to Make Money with ValuedVoice Linkvehicle Publishing Sponsored Content on Blogs, YouTube or Social Media

In this article, I will share with you how to make money with ValuedVoice Linkvehicle by publishing sponsored contents on your Blog, YouTube or Social Media.

Do you have a blog, YouTube channel or an active social social account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest)? If yes, you can make money online legitimately by publishing sponsored (paid) contents.

This website is called ValuedVoice and managed by Linkvehicle. I will explain how it works.

What is ValuedVoice?

How to Make Money with ValuedVoice Linkvehicle Publishing Sponsored Content on Blogs, YouTube or Social Media

ValuedVoice is a freelance website that give influencers (i.e. bloggers, webmasters, social media users) the opportunity to earn some cash when they publish articles about a chosen brand or business.

It’s very easy to make money with ValuedVoice. All they do is to liaise with big brands, collect their money and pay part of it to you when you write about the brand. They as as middle-men between you and the big brands.

I heard about this opportunity when a good friend of mine Mathias Amodu from ZealmatBlog posted about it on his Facebook timeline.

I quickly grabbed the name of the site, rushed to sign-up and hurray, I worked like magic. Since my main aim on this blog is share legitimate ways to make money online, I did not have other option that to sit down and write about this opportunity.

4 Opportunities to Make Money with ValuedVoice.

There are so many opportunities to earn money from ValuedVoice. As an incluencer, you can easily publish sponsorship articles, updates, or videos on your blog, YouTube channel, and social media accounts.

They have money making opportunities in over twenty areas of interest. All you need to do is find ways to earn that fit your passions and interest your audience.

Here are the trending opportunities to make money from ValuedVoice.

1. Blog Posts

You can make money with ValuedVoice by writing articles about topics they provide, or publish articles already written on your behalf. They also find products for you to review and giveaways for your readers.

2. YouTube Videos

Youtube is another great way to make money with ValuedVoice. If you have a YouTube channel, then go ahead and create videos, host giveaways, and write reviews about brands and share them with your subscribers.

3. Social Media

So many people who don’t have blogs yet or YouYube channels can benefit from this opportunity. All you need to do is tp share brand messages with your social followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

4. Make Money with ValuedVoice LinkVehicle Affiliate Program

You can also make money with ValuedVoice LinkVehicle affiliate program. Reward your readers and get paid when they take action. We offer CPA, CPC, CPM, and CPS campaigns with banners and graphics to fit your voice.

Things you Need to Make Money from ValuedVoice

Just like other money making opportunities on the web, there are very few things you need to join and succeed in this program.

These are;

1. A valid email address

2. A PayPal account that can receive payments. Please note, if you don’t have PayPal account, you can use my own PayPal account to receive payments. If you need my contacts, pick it here from the hire me page.

3. Either a Blog, YouTube Channel, Any social social account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest).

Now, register on the website here.

After Registration on ValuedVoice, What Next?

After registration, you will see your dashboard immediately. The next thing is to click on channels to add your blog, Youtube channel or Social Media accounts as the case may be.

Also add the price you are eager to collect when you publish sponsored contents on those channels.

And that’s all.

Register with ValuedVoice here, update your channels and sit back, relax while advertisers browse through your profile. Once, they have an opportunity for you, you will receive an offer. You can upgrade if you want unlimited opportunities.

While you relax, you can also make money from ValuedVoice affiliate by referring other influencers to join the program.

The whole thing is fun and it gives you the opportunity to earn some money while doing what you love to you.

ValuedVoice Payment Method and Threshold

Like I sad earlier, ValuedVoice pays though PayPal. if you don’t have PayPal account, you can use my own PayPal account to receive payments. If you need my contacts, pick it here from the hire me page.

All I want is to see you make money online legitimately and smile to the bank every month. That’s the benefit you have by reading my blog.

If you are using a free account, you will be able to Cashout your earning 72 hours after completion of the job for just $5 fee! That mean, they will remove $5 and give you the raise of the money.

But if you can wait till 1st of every month, you can enjoy free cashout for a minimum of 100 minimum. You can reduce your cashout charges to $2 if you upgrade to premium account or eliminate all cashout fees if you upgrade to professional account.

That’s it… Signup here and let us know how it goes.

Have some fun, We love comments!


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