How to Make Money with Sharecash Downloader

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to make money with Sharecash content locking platform. Just like Adfly, allows her users to monetize their premium contents. This is one of the methods to make money online without a website or blog.

Sharecash is a content locking and advertising network.  They monetize locked contents share revenue with the contents owners. Sharecash acts as a file sharing website just like dropbox. Just like other CPA networks, members make money when their visitors perform a task such as completion of online survey.

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There are many ways to make money online. And I’m going to share many of them with you.

With Sharecash, you can make as much as $1-$20 when a visitor unlocks your premium contents such as articles,  videos,  software,  ebooks and even their whole website and links.

How to Make Money with Sharecash Downloader

Sharecash will simple lock your contents and allow visitors to complete quick lead generation advertisement in order to unlock access to your contents.  Once they unlock,  you earn around $1 per unlock,  sometimes up-to $20 depending on the advertisement served.

The next step is to register for Sharecash and start to make cash at home.

Sharecash Register – Signup

To signup on Sharecash click here

Fill in the form and login to your dashboard.

How to Make Money from Sharecash content locker

If you’d like to monetize a file, use Sharecash File Lockers.

Upload your files via our Web Uploader or FTP, and then generate File Locker links using your File Manager.

Every time a visitor downloads a file, you earn revenue.

If you’d like to monetize a web page or blog, use our Widget tool.

Sharecash Widget Tool provides you a snippet of code that will lock your web page and ask visitors to complete an ad to unlock it.

Every time a visitor unlocks your page, you earn revenue.

If you’d like to monetize an outbound link or third-party URL, use Sharecash Link Lockers.

Login and Check out Sharecash Content Library for thousands of pre-uploaded files.

You can request a payment at the start of each month. Payments are sent out by the 3rd.

Earn just $20 in a single day to be upgraded to our Premier Program and receive weekly payments.

You won’t have to pick and manage ads yourself, as you would on a CPA network. Our advanced machine learning algorithms do all the work for you, so you can maximize your revenue with minimum effort.

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Make Money from Sharecash Affiliate (Refer a Friend)

Simply refer users to ShareCash and earn a base rate of 5% of what they earn, for life! For every 10 active affiliates you have, you will earn an extra 1%, up to a maximum of 12%. A referral is considered active if they’ve earned 5 or more dollars during the previous day. After clicking your referral link, the user has 10 days to sign up and become your affiliate.

Sharecash conversion rate

Sharecash conversion rate is very high about 70% because each visitor will want to complete the simple task to download the file they are looking for.

Sharecash earning tricks

  1. Use our Text creatives to post on blogs and forums with your affiliate link.
  2. Use our banner ads to promote your affiliate link on blogs, websites, and more.
  3. Give your referrals tutorials and tips before they signup. The more they earn, the more you earn!
  4. Promote on forums with popular internet marketing areas.

Sharecash payment methods

Sharecash pays via Payoneer. So, signup for free Payoneer account as receive $25 signup bonus and a Mastercard ATM if you don’t have it already.

Sharecash minimum payout

Sharecash minimum payout is $20 and payment is done every 3rd of the month.

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