How to Make Money with Infolinks - A good way to monetize your blog traffic

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to make money with Infolinks. I have used them for two years now and it’s a good way to monetize your blog.

Infolinks is an advertising network that specializes in in-line link ads. Now they have technology to show display adsHow to Make Money with Infolinks - A good way to monetize your blog traffic and related recommendations too. Thus helping publishers to optimize their earnings. For sure, this is one of the ways to make money online.

Apart from making money from Infolinks ads, you can also make money from Infolinks affiliate program. They pay publishers commission when they refer others to join their advertising network.

How to Make Money with Infolinks Advertising Network

There are few things you need to start making money from Infolinks advertising network. Just like other ad networks, they require applicants to have a blog or website. This is where you’ll implement your Infolinks ads.

If you don’t have a blog yet, read how to create a WordPress blog. That guide will help you.

For those who already have a blog, you simple need to signup with Infolinks.

See the link here.

After registration, add your domain to the account for approval. Infolinks approval rate is high. Meaning you will possibly be approved if you have a good blog.

It’s very easy to implement Infolinks ad codes on you rblog. They have widget for those who are using blogspot blogs as well as plugin for those who are using WordPress.

How does Infolinks work ?

Infolinks is a CPC ad network. They pay publishers once a user clicks on their advertising link on their websirte or blog. They work exactly like Google AdSense.

How much can you make from Infolinks 

It’s easier to make money from Infolinks because of their high click through rate.

You can make good money if you have high percentage of users that uses chrome or Firefox browsers. Their ads are Java script and don’t usually show up in opera mini browser. You can encourage your blog readers to use chrome while reading your blog.

Infolinks earnings per click

According to other bloggers, they amount per click is high. But this still depend on the keyword. But least infolinks earnings per click I have seen on my dashboard is $0.1. It’s better f you have traffic from US or Europe.

The infolinks cpm rates also depend on the nature of the ad placement and traffic demography.

You might want to ask mehow much do you earn with infolinks?

Me, I earn about $100 per month. This is because the blog I am using it does not really have significant traffic to more more money.

Infolinks Payment Method

They pay through

  1. PayPal
  2. Payoneer
  3. Direct Wire transfer

Infolinks Minimum Payout

Infolinks payment threshold or minimum payout is from $50 if you are using PayPal or Payoneer. It’s $100 if you are using wire transfer.

Infolinks now have wire transfer. Meaning you can wire your earnings to your domiciliary account here in your country.

Alternatively, you can use Payoneer to receive payments from Infolinks. Of course they also pay via PayPal.

Tips for success in Infolinks ad network

The best strategy to make good money with Infolinks is to advice your blog readers to use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Again , as applied to other ad networks, the higher your blog traffic, the more money you’ll make. So make sure you increase your blog traffic to earn more with Infolinks.

Make sure you participate in Infolinks forums to know what works best for the ad network. Also read Infolinks blog to know the latest updates about their ad network.

That’s it… How to make money with Infolinks, a good way to monetize your blog traffic. Hope that has helped you. If you have any question, kindly ask me in the comment section below.


By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

5 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Infolinks – A good way to monetize your blog traffic ”
  1. Hi

    i have applied for infolinks and got rejected saying (your website to be incompatible with Infolinks because your website is incompatible with Infolinks)

    When I contacted them they replied saying (Our Quality Assurance team has reviewed your website. Please note that we are obligated to comply with our advertisers’ requests and we are unable to provide feeds to publishers who do not meet their standards. It appears that the traffic of your site, its layout and content did not meet our advertisers’ standards and therefore, the application was declined at this time.)

    Is there any chance of getting approval if I reapply infolinks?
    Can you please help me with a suggestion.


    1. Hello krishna, try changing your blog template, write more useful articles and apply again. They may approve you. Success!

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