8 Steps to Start a Sports Blog and make Money from it

In today’s guide, I will show you 8 steps to start a sports blog and make money it. Here, I will show you how to create a new sport blog and get paid doing it.

With a sports blog, you can easily make money online with little investment.

8 Steps to Start a Sports Blog and make Money from it

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What is a Sports Blog?

A sports blog is a blog that publishes information about sports such as football, athletics, motor sports, boxing etc. There are many sporting activities to choose from when starting a sports blog.

In sports niche, there over 3,000 micro niches you can choose a topic from. All you need to do it to make an in-depth research on the niche before you start.

Reasons why Sports Blog is Lucrative

1. Low Competition: Sports is one of the very most lucrative niche that still remain untapped. Competition is low compared to other blogging niches. See other 20 Untapped Niche Blog Topics in Nigeria that can Make You Money Fast This Year

2. High Interest Rate: So many people are interested in sports. Because of this, this niche is so lucrative. It means that you will quickly have people who will be interested to read articles on your blog.

Of course, you know that the more people you have on your blog, the more money you will make from your blog.

3. High Cost Per Click Campaign: Again, sports niche have one of the best AdSense CPC if you will like to monetize ith with Google AdSense. See other Top 520 Highest Paying AdSense Niches in Worldwide – High Paying Google Adsense Keywords

4. High Affiliate Potential: Apart from high CPC, , there are many affiliate marketing programs you can make money from in sports niche. There are many products you can sell or promote ranging from sports gears, accessories, to sporting skills or tips.

5. Easy to Generate Contents: It’s easier to generate contents in sports niche since sporting information is available everywhere. You can hire content writers online to do the work for you if you cannot write.

How to Start a Sports Blog and Make Money from it

1. Choose your Niche: Like I said earlier, there are over 2000 micro and sub-niches in sports niche. Do a careful analaysis of each niche and choose the one that will suit your interest.

2. Buy a Web Hosting and Domain name: After having a good niche for your sports blog, the next thing is to buy a web hosting account. I will advice you buy web hosting from companies that will give you a free domain name. I recommend Bluehost. They have good customer supports.

3. Install WordPress Blogging Software: After buying your web hosting and a free domain name, install WordPress blogging software on your web hosting server. WordPress is free.

The recommended web hosting companies above all have one-click-install service for WordPress. This means that you can create your own sports blog with WordPress without any web design knowledge.

4. Install a Sports Theme: A theme is the skin of your blog. It makes your blog to look nice and appealing to your readers. The good news is that they are ready made sports WordPress themes that you can buy and use.  I recommend you buy them from Themeforest.

5. Customize your Blog: After installing your theme, do few customization such as, setting up your permalinks, installing SEO plugins, and setting up contacts legal pages.

6. Publish Sports Articles: Now, your blog is ready, the next thing is to start publishing sport articles on your sports blog.

You can publish sports news, sports analysis, sporting events and fixtures, transfer gossips, live feeds and more.  You can even choose to write about sporting men and women, sport gears and equipment… and so on.

7. Grow your Sports Blog: Your bog is live on the web, so make sure it’s visible to those who need your information. make sure you submit your blog’s sitemap to Google and other search engines, use share buttons on your posts.

Also, create and grow your email list. You can even do social media advertising to promote your blog.

8. Monetize our Sports Blog: See how to start a sports blog and get paid. There are many ways to make money from your sports blog. You can apply for Google AdSense or other CPC advertising programs.

You an also choose to make money from Affiliate program as well as direct adverts for other businesses. The lists of blog monetization are endless.

Sports Blog Examples: wolexis.com, completesportsnigeria.com, soccernet.com.ng and more.

That’s it on how to how to start a sports blog and make money from it.  Please share this post. If you want me to setup a sports blog, kindly hire me. If you have a feedback, kindly use the comments section below. I will respond asap.

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