How to Sell Payoneer Funds in Nigeria at a Good Rate

Do you have Payoneer funds for sell? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post I will show you how to sell Payoneer funds easily in Nigeria.

For those who are new to Payoneer, it’s a financial company that allows you to receive payment from foreign companies. Payoneer is number one PayPal alternative especially in countries that are not supported by PayPal.

There are list of e-currency exchangers in nigeria that you can use their service. But it’s difficult for me to mention them since I have not used their services before and cannot say anything about their trustworthiness.

Moreover, selling Payoneer funds is easy. I simply buy them. Yes, I buy Payoneer funds of any amount but you have to prove to me that you have a legitimate funds (not hacked account).

Do you Trust me?

I’m sure, you will ask, Do I trust this guy? The answer is… Yes you should trust him!

My name is Ifiokobong Ibanga, the owner of these blogs –, and this Make Money Online blog you are reading now.

I have made substantial income from my blogs and have good reputation which I will not like to toy with. We will have a smooth transaction and you will never have any reason to regret doing business with me.

This is just one of the services I render.

I buy Payoneer funds, use the funds for products importation and make profit.  The good thing is that you will sell Payoneer funds to me at a very good rate.

How to Sell Payoneer Funds in Nigeria at t a Good Rate

1. Make sure your account is enabled for “Make A Payment” services. This feature enables you to transfer payoneer funds from your payoneer accoun to another payoneer account via payoneer email.

2. Call or WhatsApp me – Ifiokobong 08026529647 to inform me about the amount you want to sell.

3. Send me your Nigerian Account Number.

3. Prove to me that you are the owner of the Payoneer funds. (I once mistakenly bought a hacked fund that put me into trouble. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake).

A. The name on your Payoneer account must be the same with name on your Local bank account in Nigeria

B. I may need to see your “Payoneer Payment History” to confirm the source of the funds.

4. Negotiate the exchange rate with me.

5. I will send you my Payoneer email address for you to do the transfer

6. Once I am notified about your transfer, I immediately transfer the amount based on the agreed  exchange rate to your local bank account in Nigeria. Once again, you have to trust me on this.

Let’s do this.

I am waiting for your call…

Let me know about what you think about this service in the comments section below.

By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

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