Do you dream of having an income that allows you to spend more time with family and friends? Do you want to be your own boss and be financially free? Do you want to live above recession and achieve your dreams?

Have you got the desire to achieve a lifestyle of freedom, luxury, rewards and professional recognition? Look no further? Join oriflame and start an exciting journey towards a bright new future! This is one of the ways you make money online and offline legitimately.

As a consultant, you are offered the chance to make money, look great and have fun. Our mission to fulfil dreams and that mean giving you the tools and inspiration to change your lives for the better and to achieve your individual goals.

How to Make Money with Oriflame Nigeria

Brief Facts about Oriflame

Oriflame is a beauty company in Sweden now in Nigeria and was founded in 1967 by two brothers and their friend. Oriflame commenced operations in Nigeria on 2nd October, 2014 and it present in 67 countries (including Nigeria) and has 50yeasr of experience as a cosmetic company.

Oriflame has grown to be the Biggert European direct selling company with an annual turnover of about 1.5 billion euro. Its wide range of Swedish innovative beauty product are strictly organic, made from plant extract and is environmental friendly.

They are marketed through a sales force of more than 3.6 million registered independent consultants with great compensation plan all over the world.

Oriflame offers a unique business opportunity for people who want to make money online in Nigeria and work towards fulfilling their personal dreams and ambition.

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Qualification to Join Oriflame

Everyone is welcome to join oriflame whether you are employed, unemployed, graduate, under graduate and even non-graduate provided you are determined to succeed, passionate and ready to work hard.

  • You must be 18years and above
  • You must know how to read and write
  • You must have a smartphone with internet connection
  • You must be ready to release an initial registration fee of N2990
  • You must be ready to invest N15000 or more

How Get Started with Oriflame

To get started, an experienced consultant must introduce you to oriflamme. He or she will mentor, coach, assist and provide you all the necessary information that will guide you through the registration process after which you will pay one off registration fee of N2990 to oriflame cosmetics account and then make your order.

You will receive starter kit after registration which contains flyer, Dream cream, 2 catalogues, company price list, oriflame customized bag and others materials that will help you start up as an independent consultant.

N/B: In oriflame, there is no middle man. Everything you do is between you and the company.

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How to Make Money with Oriflame

I can see the smile on your face right now because this is the part you’ve been waiting for right! Yeah there’s no point trying to hold back that smile, just let it out because your financial status is about to be elevated with oriflame.

When you login as a consultant after your registration has been confirmed, you will notice that every product has a bonus point (bp) and with it, you can determine your monthly take home.

In oriflame, there are 2 ways you can earn.

  • By selling oriflame products and
  • By inviting people who sells products and also invite other people to join.

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Make Money with Oriflame by Selling Oriflame Products

Have you ever recommended a book, movie, tailor, drink, school etc to someone? Yes. Were you paid for it? No. did you love the feeling of being able to help someone by simply recommending? Yes. Then you can actually sell oriflame products.

In oriflame, selling is very simple because the company provide you with a complete range of handy tools to help you recruit, sell and lead.

They are really simple to use and provides the support, inspiration and expertise you need to grow your business. So if you enjoy selling, you can increase your earnings by making 30% profit on every product you buy at the end of the month, you will get to earn 3% – 21% of your total purchase for the month.

If you don’t have a shop, oriflame catalogue can serve as your mobile shop by simply showing it to people.

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Make Money with Oriflame by Inviting Others

When you invite others to join oriflame, it is a way to substantial earnings and financial freedom. You will benefit by not only increasing your earnings but also developing your beauty, business and management skills through oriflame Academy training courses.

Your oriflame beauty consultant will be there to guide you through the process of building your own team and by sharing your expertise too with them, you will help them build their dreams as you achieve yours because you get to earn 3% – 21% on your team total sales monthly.

The bigger and more successful your team becomes. The bigger your earnings. For you to start earning from your group total sales monthly, you must invest N15000 or more to get 100 bp. As your own boss, you decide when to work and how much time you want to work.

As a Nigerian I know now you want to ask if you can sell products and also invite people? The answer is a big YES and with both you are in for a tremendous change of level.

The oriflame business opportunity puts your dreams within your reach with minimal investment, no risk and exceptional rewards.

To join, go to and click on sign up to fill out the form. Then use 235107 as your sponsor code and the last 6 digit of your phone number as your personal ID/Passport or click the link below.

Also watch out for this page (Oriflame Nigeria – Success Team) on facebook for your daily guide and to contact me Call 08127494528


Please note that: Oriflame is not a Ponzi scheme (like mmm and the rest) because Ponzi scheme makes money from you and they don’t sell any product but a multi-level marketing company that seek to make money with you as you build your business by selling their products.

In Oriflame, it’s all about you and “your dream is our inspiration”.

*Please don’t forget to go to “my page” then click “my profile settings” when you log in as a consultant to add your bank details.

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