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Have you heard of this wonderful business opportunity in town? It’s call Recharge and Get Paid VTU. Join our official Recharge and Get Paid WhatsApp Group, chat with new friends, meet other members, ask questions and get proper insights on how to make money from this business.

Recharge and Get Paid is a telecom business that allows you to make money cash when you recharge your phone, subscribe for DTSV, GOTV, PHCN, Startime and more. This business also allows you to make even more money when you refer other people to join. This is awesome.

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👉 When you recharge you get paid
👉 When you buy data, you get paid
👉 You refer people, you get paid
👉 Your People recharge recharge you get paid
👉 Your people buy data, you get paid
👉 Your people refer people, you get paid
👉 You register with RAGP, you get paid.
👉 You are made a distributor and dealer with all privileges to Mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile!


The company partners with all the mobile networks in Nigeria.
Office not required. You Work with your mobile phone

Everybody knows about Mobile Technology and how “addicted” people are to it.

Do you know how many hours you spend on your phone everyday without getting paid for all your activities online?

IF you where given an opportunity, a platform to make money when you do your normal daily activities on your phone, would you take it?
Would it make sense?

Who begged you to top up your phone the last time you did, who forced you?
No Body 🤷🏻‍♀

Now, imagine moving from mobile ADDICTION to mobile INCOME. Imagine earning passive income while topping up your phone with Airtime 🤔
Amazing, isn’t it?

A great man once said, “Life doesn’t give you what you deserve, it gives you what you asked from it”.

Don’t forget that knowledge is power let me show you a platform that can help you turn your Mobile ADDICTION to Mobile INCOME

Join Recharge and Get Paid WhatsApp Group Chat here

Doing RAGP Business With & Without Referrals*

U can register and do this business as a distributor or as a networker… Either ways, u get paid… because no matter how hard the economy is, people will always recharge airtime to make calls, subscribe data to browse the internet and subscribe cable to watch programs on tv.

As a Distributor

Assuming u register today and decide to be selling products to customers only without recruiting anyone, let me show how u could earn almost 100k monthly just by recharging.

If in a day,
20 customers buy ₦1000 airtime,
20 customers buy ₦1000 data and
20 customers subscribe for cable tv

Ur daily active income is;

For airtime: 20 × ₦1000 × 2% = ₦400

For data: 20 × ₦1000 × 10% = ₦2000

For cable: 20 × ₦40 = ₦800

which gives u ₦3200 total profit on sales daily

₦3200 × 30days is ₦96,000 monthly

All u need do is build ur customer base and give them the best of service to retain them…

To make more profits, all you’ve got to do is increase ur number of customers…

TIPS: As a vtu distributor, learn to fund ur ewallet ahead of time…🏃🏽‍♂🏃🏽‍♂ U can’t be seen running around looking for ewallet when clients come calling, it doesn’t make u look business-minded

Now here is the catch: before u sell to all these people daily for a week, some sharp and smart ones will decide to join u in business.. Be a wise and smart distributor in RAGP and u just win all the way by recruiting ur customers 😃😃

Join Recharge and Get Paid WhatsApp Group Chat here

Doing Recharge and Get Paid As a Networker

Now to make the business even more interesting and rewarding, teach some of ur customers how they could recharge by themselves and get their own commission if they became a distributor just as u are.

Since we can recruit an unlimited number of people who each can do the same, we are ultimately paid on the efforts of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Let me show u how RAGP can make u a MILLIONAIRE…

If in a day,
20,000 downlines sell ₦1,000 airtime,
20,000 downlines sell ₦5,000 data and
20,000 downlines pay for 5 cable subscriptions,

Ur daily passive income is;

Airtime: 20000 × 0.35% × ₦1000 = ₦70000

Data: 20000 × 1% × ₦5000 = ₦1000000

Cable: 20000 × ₦10 × 5 = ₦1000000

which gives u ₦2,070,000 profit on downlines’ sales daily.

₦2.07M × 30days is ₦62.1M monthly

All u need do is recruit and then build ur team patiently…

RAGP gave everyone of us blank cheques, fill what u desire on yours…


Welcome to the business of the 21st century!

Join Recharge and Get Paid WhatsApp Group Chat here

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