How to Make Money from - Signup and Approval Process

In this lesson,  I’ll show you how to make money from advertising network.  With, you can make additional money from your blog by monetizing the contents on your blog. Here, you will find all the information you need and the approval process.

What is is a pay per click advertising network list like Google AdSense. When you apply,  they will review your application by checking how your site is complying to their advertising policies.

Once they approve your account,  you’ll then place the ad code on your blog.  From then,  you’ll make money once someone clicks on the advertising links. The amount you make from everyday depends on the number clicks you get from your site. Revenue share.  According to the information found on their website, gives 60% of the gross revenue to the publishers. So this is what you get if you monetize your site with them.

How to Apply and Get Approval for

To apply for account as a publisher,  visit their websitwebsd and register.


How to Make Money from - Signup and Approval Process

1. Fill in your name

2. Fill in your email address and password. Confirm your password

3. Type in your phone number and click next button

How to Make Money from - Signup and Approval Process

4. Fill in your company details

5. Select publisher button

6. Click the submit button Requirements for Publishers review – After signup, you will be given access to the dashboard where you can create ad widget to place on your site and request for approval.  There are Widgets for .Blogspot users, Plugin for WordPress as well as html codes that you will embed at where you want the add to appear. approval – Once your account is approved, you will receive a congratulatory message and ads will begin to display on your site.

As at the time of writing this lesson, have not published their publishers requirements.  But I guess their approval is strict. Their approval seems to be stricter than Google AdSense.

But since I got approval for one of my site,  I could be able to suggest few guidelines to get approval fast.  I think their requirement is really based on traffic and not original contents.  You site needs huge amount of traffic (about 20,000 unique users everyday) to get approval and must have high US audience.

Once your account approved,  you’ll be able to login to your dashboard to get the ad codes and place on where you want it to appear on your blog. CPC cost per click is higher and very competitive with other ad networks.  Again it’s easier to make money from it because of the it’s high click through Rate.

Do you have a site that have traffic?  If yes,  try to get additional income source.  You can use with Google AdSense without any problem.

The only disadvantage of is that you can only use it on the website it was approved for unlike Google AdSense.

Read Also: How to Make Money with Google AdSense Payment minimum payout is $50. Payment is done through Paypal and Wire transfer to your local domiciliary account.

Again,  for those who don’t have AdSense account, is a good alternative to monetize your blog.


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