How to become a VTU agent in Nigeria

It’a no longer news that Virtual Top Up (VTU) is the next oil block!

Yes! Some smart individuals, banks, and telecom providers are making millions daily on VTU.  I earlier wrote an article on 7 Steps to Start VTU business in Nigeria.

You might want to ask, what is VTU?

Well; Let me expain…

Remember, before now; you have to buy a recharge card before you can recharge your phone. By then, recharge card printing and selling business was the hottest.

Now, everything has changed!

VTU allows phone users to recharge (top-up) their phones using simple USSD codes, apps, or websites.

Phone users can buy recharge cards, data, and subscription services with just a snap!

…and people make money from this. I mean big money!

The worst thing is that most of these companies example; banks, quickteller, etc., keep all the profits to themselves.

And there’s good news! You too can make money with VTU if you become an agent.

When you become VTU agent, you can sell recharge cards, data bundles, subscription services and enjoy huge profits.

Your next question now should be, how do I become a VTU agent?

That brings us to the real deal below;

How to become a VTU agent in Nigeria

There are two ways to become VTU agent in Nigeria.

  1. Join MTN VTU Trade partners (long process)
  2. Join Recharge and Get Paid VTU (easiest way)

Let me explain each of the processes for you.

How to Join MTN VTU Trade partners in Nigeria


  1. You need to have a registered business name
  2. You need to have a valid means of identification
  3. You need to have a business bank account
  4. Letter of application with a proposal stating how you intend to market MTN products

Steps, the above requirements, visit any MTN outlet nearest to you and apply. Once the application is submitted, you may be called to defend your proposal orally. If accepted in the end, you will become an official MTN VTU trade partner.


  • You will become a VTU agent with MTN


  • The whole process is cumbersome
  • You will only sell MTN products and not for other phone service providers such as Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile, etc.

How to Join Recharge and Get Paid VTU

I see this as the easiest way to become a VTU agent in Nigeria. You don’t need any stringent requirements.

Just with an email, phone number, and bank account, you can become a VTU agent with recharge and get paid.

It’s easier and simpler to get started.

You can also sell recharge cards and data for all the network providers in Nigeria.

Also available are subscription services such as; GOTV, DSTV, Startime, and more.

Apart from the sales of these products, you can make even more money when you refer other people to join the money-making platform. I think I like this one.

Now, how do you become a VTU agent with Recharge and Get Paid? Simply follow the instructions below;

1. Copy this referral ID here 👉 pina4

2. Click Here to Register

3. Make sure you see the referral  ID 👉 pina4

4. Complete the form with your name and other details

5. Add your bank account details

6. Click “Register”

7. Make payment – Note: make payment using eWallet for faster processing. Contact me to pay for you using my eWallet. I have enough cash in there to make payment for you (any amount).

 That’s it.

The good thing is that, If you register using my referral ID here “pina4“, You will be a member of my team. I will personally support you with tips to succeed in this business.

Remember, its a teamwork, if you succeed, I succeed, and the team grows.

You can chat me on WhatsApp: 08026529647 or Facebook>> Ifiokobong Ibanga to register.

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