In this review, we look the 11 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria to Pay in Naira. Before you own a professional website or blog, you need to get a web hosting server to host your files.

In Nigeria, there are many web hosting companies that allows you to pay in Naira. There are fairly cheap they have Nigerian specific domain names such as or .ng.

11 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria to Pay in Naira

In this lesson, I will show you the full list of popular web hosting companies in Nigeria and how to host your blog or website with them.

According to some of my friends, they have patronized a number of web hosting companies in Nigeria and they have good reivew about their services.

What I usually do it to buy a domain from Whogohost and go back to iPage and host it.

Here are the Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

1. Bluehost: I have use them to host few blog for my clients and they are okay. They have all the domain extensions in Nigeria.  With DomainKing, you can register any of the .ng domain extensions.

They have one click WordPress installation. Their cPanel is very easy to use and manage your site. I will recommend them to anyone who needs a web hosting company in Nigeria.  Visit Bluehost.

Other web hosting companies are;


3. WhoGoHost










My Advice

There are good web hosting companies in Nigeria but I always have the fears to meeting failures. That’s why I have decided to host almost all of my websites and blogs in the US.

The price difference is quite narrow but the trust of a reliable services since they are the owner of the world wide web.

It doesn’t cost a lot to host your blog with a reliable web hosting company. Read: The Best Web Hosting Company for New Bloggers.

With that, you are rest assured that there will be no downtime because of power failure.

What do you think? Let me hear from you in the comments section below.

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  1. I want to host my blog with $1/month you talked about i dont have dollar acc yet how can I go about it thanks

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