Welcome to yet another money makeing idea from me today. In this post, I will show you how to attract companies or clients to pay you for sponsored post on your blog.

Do you have a blog or website? If yes, you can make a lot of money from sponsored post. This is real! Well, if you don’t have a blog yet, read this tutorial on how to create it.

The good new now that you can create a business paypal account in Nigeria. So, there is no excuse that you cannot receive payments from foreign companies or clients.

The next thing is to attract these companies and clients within and outside the country to pay you for sponsored post on your blog.

I personally get substantial ammount of income from soonsored post from clients around the world. To be sincere with you, there is no month that I will not see at least $1,000 from sponsored posts.

Don’t worry, I will show you how to make money from this idea too. 

What is Sponsored Posts ?

Acording to Wikipedia “A sponsored post, also known as a promoted post, is a post to any community-driven notification-oriented website which is explicitly sponsored as an advertisement by a particular company in order to draw a large amount of popularity through user promotion and moderation to the most active or most viewed page on the website. ”

So, in sponsored post, companies or clients usually pays you to publish on your blog. This is one of the best ways to make money online here in Nigeria and in any other part of the world.

How to Attract Companies or Clients to Pay for Sponsored Post on Your Blog

There are few things that you need to do to attract clients to pay you for sponsored post on your blog. I will share with you those working strategies I use.

Here we go…

1. Make your blog popular

Blog popularity is the main thing that attract companies or clients to pay you for sponsored post.

Blog popularity is based on the amount of people that read your blog. Most companies or clients use Alexa to determine how popular your blog is.

I wrote an article earlier on 15 ways to decrease alexa ranking fast.

Companies and advertising clients will look at your blog alexa ranking before they go ahead to pay you for sponsored post.

If your alexa ranking is low, there is a high hop that they will be attracted to you.

2. Make Your Blog Attractive

Apart from Alexa ranking, the physical appearance of your blog also matter.

If you have a poorly customized blog; with no organized menu, policy terms, companies or advertisers will snub your blog.

So do well to customize your blog very well. Always use premium wordpress themes to make your blog unique and attractive.

3. Create a “Sponsored Post” Page

This is like a sales page to inform your readers, customers and clients that you accept sponsored post on your blog.

A typical sponsored post page should contain things about your blog. These are, your blog stats. When stating your blog stat, try and be very transprent because most advertisers have tools to measure the worth of your blog.

On your sponsored post page, you should also have your pricing table. Don’t overprice it so that you don’t drive away your postential clients or customer. A typical amount should start $50 or equivelent depending on your blog traffic.

On my infoGuideNigeria.com blog, my sponsored post price start from $150. That does not mean that if someone offer something less than that, I will not collect. After all I am not buying petrol for my blog.

By Ifiokobong

Ifiokobong Ibanga is a life coach, a mentor and an inspirational speaker. He like testing ideas to find out what works. Sure, he has made substantial income online, so he's knowledgeable enough to teach you. Hookup with Ifiokobong Ibanga on Instagram .

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