Make Money Online in Nigeria

There are 1001 ways you can make money online legitimately. Methods ranges from providing premium services or direct sales of products. Which compiled the various ways you can make money online here in Nigeria for your inspiration. We also publish support articles and resources to help you get started.

Whether your new to online business or a veteran internet business magnet, we are here to help with valuable information to help you succeed in your online business. We are covering all topics related to how you can make money online in Nigeria.

There are so many noise online as regards to making money online, but most of those methods suggested by many are not feasible in Nigeria due to our business environment. Articles here are fully suitable to intending and existing online entrepreneurs in Nigeria and neighboring countries.

Do you want to to make money online in Nigeria? Here are ways to achieve that. Read the most feasible ways to make money online in Nigeria below.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the surest and easiest ways you can legitimately start making money online. Google Adsense approves blogs and websites that is fully compliance to their advertising policy guidelines.

Adsense is a free and simple way to earn money online by simply displaying targeted advertisement next to your contents. The program is run by Google which allows website and owners to publish contextual ads on their webpages. They earn money when users voluntarily click on the ads.

Google Adsense is a typical example of a Pay Per Click advertising network.


Online Surveys

An increasingly popular way you can make money online is to fill out online several surveys in your spare time. Research companies are always employing new members to answer surveys, complete questionnaires and test new products.

For a few minutes of form filling, you can legitimately make a couple of quid which is paid either in the form of cash or in rewards. You can make as much £3 for some surveys!

Although there are also many scams involving several online surveys, there are also many good ones to try.

A few good ones to try are: Global Test Market, Toluna, Harris Poll, Pinecone, PanelBase, Vivatic, MySurvey, YouGov, Valued Opinions, Hiving, SurveyBods, The OpinionPanel, iPoll, New Vista.

Start Your Own Website

If you’ve ever watched the movie “The Social Network” then you’ve most likely brainstorm as to what website you can start-up so as to make you billions.

And of course there are lots of articles out there about successful website and blog owners who have started a site, or even bought a domain name that is later sold it for 1000s.

Read our resources and guide to setting up a website or blog if you’re interested in finding out more. It’s really not that difficult at all to get started and there are enough opportunities to make money online by starting your websites or blog

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