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N150,000/Month Ifiokobong Giveaway 2020

Ifiokobong Ibanga is the founder of,, and other popular blogs in Nigeria.

In a way of giving back to society and to ameliorate the hardship among Nigerians in the current lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I will be giving away N1,000 each to 5 people every day on this blog –

Starting from Monday 27th April 2020, I will be sharing N5,000 to support 5 people every day from Nigeria.

Each day, 5 people will be selected to receive N1,000 each. This giveaway will be a daily and continuous process until I decide to stop it

(only if I run out of cash).

Every month, I will be able to support 150 people within Nigeria with a token from my heart. I have earmarked plus or minus N150,000 monthly for this project.

Daily Selection Criteria

I know there are so many people who need financial help in Nigeria but because of limited funds, I will be using “a certain selection criteria” (to be announced later) to select the lucky 5 people every day to receive the assistance.

Amount: N1,000 to 5 people each day.

Eligibility: All Nigerians who are interested

Selection Criteria: To be announced on this website

Please share: I solicit everyone to share this information. All bloggers should share this opportunity with their readers. Others should use the share button below;

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  1. Joshua says:

    Thank you Boss!

  2. Coach Benson says:

    We’ll be waiting sire

  3. Sifon says:

    I appreciate your generosity, God will bless you immensely for this.

  4. Benedict Leo says:

    I will repost on my blog
    My good friend
    We all love you

  5. Emmanuel Husseni says:

    Wow, that’s very generous of you Sir

  6. Sunday says:

    Thanks in advance for your kind gesture.

  7. effiok sunday says:

    boss am interested

  8. Ericjay says:

    Waiting boss..

  9. This is very Good, Keep It Up

  10. Cino says:

    Thanks for sharing this money, it has really help my ministry most especially for subscription

  11. Zion chuks says:

    Nice one sir

  12. That’s so nice of you sir

  13. Opemiposi says:

    Am interested sir

  14. Salama David says:

    Am interested 😊😊
    This is awesome, keep it up sir, God bless the ministry.

  15. Edmund Asu says:

    Am looking forward to blessed by u sir

  16. Idowu says:

    Boss, I need money badly
    I want to know about the Online business sir

  17. Daniel says:

    This is a very kind thing to do, I really appreciate your kind gesture Mr ifiokobong ibanga


    Man of goodwill
    heaven and earth loves you
    may lines continue to fall in pleasant places for you.
    You are a good man indeed

  19. Samuel Miracle says:

    Thats good! Keep it up big man.

  20. Chideradera says:

    Ah…I need this giveaway, I will share this

  21. James says:

    thats lovely of you sir,

  22. Saviour says:

    Thanks for this opportunity 😊.

  23. Aniedi blessing says:

    I’m very much interested sir may God bless and enlarge ur coat as u do so sir

  24. Godwin says:

    This is nice Boss

  25. Thanks a lot for having such a good heart. God will reward you.

  26. Anthony Patrick says:

    I want to be among. God bless you Sir

  27. Ade says:

    Real traffic source… Well done

  28. Sammy says:

    Am waiting for it

  29. Etima Etokidio says:

    God will bless u sir