N150,000 Ifiokobong Giveaway Day 1: 5 People will Win 1k each

Ifiokobong Ibanga is giving away N150k this month. 150 people will win N1k each!

Today, 5 people will win 1k each. The same will happen tomorrow, next tomorrow till the next 30 days.

To be among today’s winners, you have to be; 1st to comment, 45th to comment, 75th to comment, 107th to comment, 143rd to comment.

Terms and Conditions: You have to comment with your real name.

All comments will also be approved at any moment at once.

Good luck, guys!

122 thoughts on “N150,000 Ifiokobong Giveaway Day 1: 5 People will Win 1k each”
  1. I would like to be among the lucky winners.
    Thanks for the chance πŸ™. God bless you.

  2. Abdulhamid Omeiza Yunusa
    Thank you so much sir …
    God bless you ..

  3. I pray to you this months that all your wishes that you desired we surely grants

  4. Nice one sir, this will really go a long way to helping people out in this lockdown period, even though not enough atleast 1k can get someone a Monthly subscription. Stay Safe

  5. I really hope to be among the winners sir.. Thank you so much for giving back to the society

  6. The New Project of Yours in Helping People within this platform with the Little God has Given to You is a Clear Definition of Humanity.

    God Reward you endlessly for Mounting Out Close to $500 to Ease People’s Sufferings

  7. I am happy to check on the IfiokObong Ibanga website (MakeMoneyOnline.com.ng). That is my own comment

  8. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity hope to win from this giveaway…. Also pray for more grace to carry you through.

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