Best Domain Name for Nigerian Bloggers - and .ng VS .com, .net, .org

You might want to ask, what is the best domain name for Nigerian Bloggers? The answer isn’t straightforward but I will try to give you a guide on this. In this post, I will guide you on how to choose the best domain name if you are a Nigerian blogger.

This guide is also useful for people who want to create a website for a Nigerian based business.

Best Domain Name for Nigerian Bloggers - and .ng VS .com, .net, .org

WhichDomain Name is Good? and .ng VS .com, .net, .org

Choosing a good domain name could be very challenging.

If your target audience is Nigeria, I will advise you to use a or .ng domain extensions.

This is because the country-specific domain has a ranking advantage in the country it’s domiciled.

That is… A or a .ng domain ranks better in Google in Nigeria than .com, .net or .org provided all other ranking factors remain constant.

When I talk about other ranking factors, I mean, great contents, backlinks, site speed and other search engine raking determinants.

On the contrary, if you are targeting the United States or international audience, I’ll advise you use a .com domain extension.

It has a global reputation and can rank well in any part of the world especially if you have good contents.

So, while creating a Google AdSense Earning Machine, remember to choose domain extensions based on your target country.

Best Domain Name for Nigerian Bloggers – and .ng VS .com, .net, .org

If you are blogging in Nigeria and your target audience in Nigerians, I will advise you to buy a or a .ng domain and use. See How much to register a domain name in Nigeria.

Once you buy your or .ng domain, you can host it with Bluehost, SiteGround or Godaddy. These three web hosting companies can host your or .ng domains perfectly.

Best domain registration Nigeria

Like I always, saw, you can use a .com domain to target any part of the world including Nigeria. But if you are writing for Nigeria only example, “jobs in Nigeria” or “Nigerian Foods”, I will advise you to use Nigerian based domains. These are or .ng domains. They will rank better if a user searches on your keyword in Nigeria.

Domain name registration in Nigeria

the process of domain registration in Nigeria is easy. Simply visit the websites of some domain name registrars in Nigeria. I mean domain registrars that have the authorisation from ICANN.

These are Upperlink, Whogohost, DomainKing, Registeram, and Web4Africa. These companies sell or .ng and other related Nigerian-specific domain names.

Cheapest domain registration in Nigeria

The cheapest domain name in Nigeria is domain. You can buy this domain at the rate of N1250 or less. However, you can get a .com domain for less than N400 if you use a coupon code on Godaddy website.

That is it on Best Domain Name for Nigerian Bloggers – and .ng VS .com, .net, .org. If you need help in registering a domain name or hosting your blog or website, kindly hire me. I will be happy to work for you.

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